HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival: Annie Hall

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I finally went.

Number two on my summer to-do list.

So I left work 15 minutes early because the website said that the lawn opens at 5 PM.

I got there at 5:05 and the place was completely packed. Mental note: When I go to see Casablanca, take a half day at work.

Luckily I happen onto a good spot towards the front and lay down my blanket. My friend was meeting me there with her own blanket so I had to sit on the wet grass to save her spot.

The movie didn’t start until 9 PM.

I have to say, if you don’t have patience for people talking during movies, this isn’t for you. Because this was like a who’s who of annoying moviegoers. There was a guy who kept standing up in front of the screen to take pictures of someone in the crowd (stalker?). There was an incident about 30 minutes into the movie where some frat boy realized that the guy laying up next to him was a homeless Hispanic dude and he caused a commotion until the homeless guy left (which is a shame because I saw that guy arrive at 5 just like me and he held his spot down for as long as I did. Who said you needed to have a home address or a shower to participate?

It was also cool seeing the original HBO feature presentation intro from the 80’s:

All in all, it was a good time. My knees hurt. My butt is sore but I enjoyed it.

Next time, I’ll know to come earlier, bring two blankets and some wine.


3 thoughts on “HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival: Annie Hall

  1. Wow – that brings back memories. I can’t tell you how many movies I had on VHS that started with that intro.

  2. I tried to go a few years back, but I couldn’t handle the lack of movie etiquette. SHUT UP PEOPLE!

    God, I miss that HBO vignette. I remember watching a special (on HBO, no less) about how they made it. They should totally bring that back.

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