Random Thought

Why do women’s favorite romantic movies always seem to involve the main female character cheating on her current spouse (usually fiancé)? It’s actually worse now because in the 80’s/90’s, the guy would be some überjerk possibly abusive. Now it’s just some nice guy who made the foolish choice of going to her house for Christmas and then one week later, he’s riding the bus home with a diamond ring burning a soul-searing hole in his pocket.

If I had a girl and her favorite movie was The Notebook, I would be Lord Concernicus, ruler of all the lands in the Concernia Empire.

I think asking “So do you have some true love back in your hometown I should be aware of” should be added to the list of questions you should ask before getting serious about someone.


One thought on “Random Thought

  1. let me give you some advice
    any chick who tells you the following movies are her favorites, RUN. RUN AWAY. RUN AWAY FASTER
    (this is also coming from someone who did cry watching the notebook. old people make me cry. sue me)

    pretty woman
    the notebook
    any movie starring sandra bullock
    dirty dancing

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