Movie of the Week: Transformers

It was going so well.

The first hour or so of Transformers was good. It was surprisingly funny and Shia Lebouf was living up to his hype. Michael Bay wisely listened to the fans and cast Peter Cullen (the original voice of Optimus Prime in the 80’s cartoon) because the nostalgia factor is plus 15 any time he spoke.

So we are chugging along and who comes in the ruins the movie? John Turturro. His character was unnecessary. He was supposed to be silly and funny. He was over the top and VERY annoying. The movie stopped in its tracks to make room for his character. Did Tuturro beat Bay in a game of poker and forced himself into the movie (à la that Brett Ratner commercial for New York Film Academy)

Anyway, the movie was cool. It was a great summer popcorn flick. The action was confusing at time with too many metal parts moving at once and I found it a tad incredulous that there weren’t bodies all over the street as 8 foot robots ran in the streets, knocked over (and through) buildings, and fell from the tops of buildings like metal King Kongs.


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