Movie of the Week: Stardust

It was a cute, Hollywood version of a book I love.

They changed ALOT of the story. I knew there would have to be changes because as much as I love Gaiman and Vess’ tale, it would never work as a straight adaptation. The story took its sweet time to bring everything together (and I mean that as a compliment) and the ending lacked the drama needed for a movie.

The changes they made didn’t bother me so much but – without spoiling anything – there were some aspects I wish they could have kept, especially in regard to the growing bond between Tristan and Yvaine. I also prefer the book’s ending to the movie but I was okay with the way the “Hollywood” ending.

I would have probably given the movie another if I had never read the book. But isn’t that always the case?


2 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Stardust

  1. man i don’t think i liked this
    i should have seen it with my girl
    and they changed quite a lot of ir
    but i liked dinero and his badn of pirates

    they made this into a chick flick

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