Long Short Weekend

I have really got to plan my days better.

Without getting into the whole spiel, I decided that I could see Interpol at Madison Square Garden on Friday night and go to an 11:30 AM wedding in Atlanta on Saturday.

It actually went better than I thought.

After work, Tara and Reggie of the band-I-have-yet-to-see-or-hear Sankofa met up at House of Brews and had a couple of drinks. This was the only flaw in the plan because it almost had dire consequences later. We headed over to Madison Square Garden, just in time to see Cat Power open. She was kind of awful. Her set seemed rushed. I fell asleep towards the end.

Finally Interpol came on around 10:35 PM. They were great but the venue didn’t do them any favors. The sound seemed off. I would have rather seen them in a smaller place like Bowery Ballroom. But that is not a knock on Interpol because they did every song I would have wanted them too and more.

So we got out of there around midnight. I rushed home and threw my suitcase on my bed. I shaved and showered, packed my bag and chilled to watch the Yankees-Red Sox highlights (Take that, Papelbon!) over and over until it was time to go.

I got on the subway and just caught 3:06 to Jamaica so I can catch the AirTrain to JFK. Unfortunately, this was what it commonly known as the Drunk Train because this is the train that all the Long Islanders who were out drinking their asses off catch before the 90 minute LIRR train break (Consequently, the first train after the break is called the Sleep Train because no one is awake on that having been forced to hang out in the city too long for missing the Drunk Train). As annoying as it was to have eight drunk girls screaming about how they this-that-and-the-other with guys in the club, it did prove useful. The drinks I had earlier were making me sleepy and passed out briefly. I was startled out of sleep when another group of drunk girls through a bag of McDonald’s fries at the group of girls sitting behind me. A fight was about to break out when my stop arrived.

I checked in (after another nap), got some Burger King breakfast and waited for the plane to board. AGAIN, I fell asleep, this time waking up right before the last group of people were boarding the plane. I was actually the last one to get on the plane. I got another 90 minutes of sleep on the flight.

We got to Atlanta 20 minutes early, took a cab to the hotel, checked in and I was all set. I wouldn’t sit down because if I fell asleep that would be it.

We got to the wedding which was really nice and brief (my favorite kind of weddings) an the reception was at th 755 Club at Turner Field. It was a little too baller for me. I feel like “Good Life” from Kanye West and T-Pain should have been playing as we were entering the reception. All and all, it was fun times.

We got back to the hotel, I changed back to my jeans and proceeded to sleep for an hour before we made a quick Chik-Fil-A run (there is no way I go to Atlanta and NOT get some Chik-Fil-A) then I headed back to the hotel and passed out until it was time to get up and catch my 10:45 AM flight.

All and all, it was fun times. Plus, I don’t want to toot my horn but I looked pretty damn good in my suit.

Interpol photo by luhp


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