Here’s some stuff going on that didn’t warrant it’s own post…like anything I write warrants it’s own post:

  • I lost a little bit of weight over the past few months. The problem is my pants don’t fit very well anymore. They all require that extra tug of the belt that causes them to bunch up which makes my work shirts look bad. Now, I can go out and buy new pants but am I sure that i can stick to this weight/size? What if I get depressed? Or become a binge eater? Or worse, get a girlfriend (the cause of my last two serious weight gains)? Sure I can get them tailored but that gets pricey. I don’t know.
  • So…I bought an 4GB iPhone recently. The way I rationalized it was the price drop made it the same price as all the phones I wanted to get (in some cases the iPhone was actually cheaper). I wasn’t pressed to get the 8GB one because I already have an 80 GB iPod so I’ll never use the phone as my primary listening device (although I do use it for video). The weird thing is I find myself embarrassed when i take it out in front of people because it always becomes a big deal. “Oh, you have an iPhone?! How is it?!? Blah Blah Blah” I was at a gathering at a bar with some coworkers and I got a text message and I purposely didn’t look at it in front of them. I like cool things but I hate the attention.
  • Halo 3 comes out on September 25th and I can’t wait. I’d be more excited if I had the time to play it. I have 4-5 games at home just waiting for me to sit down and complete. With Fall TV coming up, I don’t think I’ll ever beat Halo or any of the games collecting dust at my house. I still have Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PS2 and I barely gave it 5 hours play time.


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