Movie of the Week: 3:10 to Yuma

A good movie that could have been great.

Russell Crowe and Christian Bale were awesome and the best non-action scenes of the movie are when they are talking to one another, trying to make the other understand why he is the person that he is.

Ben Foster stole the movie as Wade’s (Crowe) insane second-in-command, Charlie Prince. He hammed it up a bit during some scenes but he was still great. Did anyone else think he was gay for Wade?

The biggest problem with the movie is the padding in the middle. There is one scene with some railroad men who have a beef with Wade which was completely pointless and could have been done without. It really slowed down the movie and removed some of the great tension that had been building.

Hopefully, on the DVD, that part will be one whole section that can be skipped.


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