Rilo Kiley @ Webster Hall

Marry me, Jenny Lewis.

To be honest, Under The Blacklight, Rilo Kiley’s latest release, is already my least favorite album of theirs. Doesn’t mean it’s bad. Far from it. But I didn’t feel attached to it instantly.

Anyway, to hear the songs performed live made me love songs I liked and like songs I didn’t care for. My favorite songs from the night were “Dreamworld”, “Portions For Foxes”, “Silver Lining”, “It’s A Hit” (with Orenda Fink formerly of Azure Ray and now Art in Manila on trumpet), “Breakin’ Up”, “Does He Love You”…I’m going to stop because I’ll probably end up listing them all.

I can watch Jenny Lewis on stage all night long.

I forget how short Blake Sennett. He really hasn’t grown much from his Boy Meets World days

That said, Webster Hall is a weird venue for a rock show because you can hear the club music bumping down below. It’s particularly awkward during slow, quiet songs. if your favorite band is playing here, double check to make sure they aren’t playing anywhere else in the city.

Despite the venue, it was a great show.

All photos by Jenny Francois


One thought on “Rilo Kiley @ Webster Hall

  1. Two weeks! I can’t wait for Ms. Lewis. I’m listening to a NPR recording of their concert in DC. “With Arms Outstretched” just came on and it made me smile.

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