100 Facts About Sean

Inspired (practically tasked) by SMZ, here are 100 facts about yours truly. This turned into more “confessions” than “facts” but whatever. Shall we begin?

  1. I am allergic to animal dander and dust which does not stop me from petting animals or inspire me to dust my room weekly.
  2. I used to be mad at my brother because he was allowed to drink orange soda at breakfast (he was allergic to orange juice)
  3. In high school, my friend Eric and I were referred to as Raj and Rerun from What’s Happening. It was such a popular nickname/taunt (depending on your perspective) that the English teacher started humming the What’s Happening theme song when he found out. Dick.
  4. I have had three girlfriends.
  5. The length of the relationship and time between the end of the previous relationship and start of the new relationship has grew exponentially each time.
  6. I fooled around with my GRE study partner the night before the test. I blame that incident on my low test score.
  7. I took an thrown-away essay idea from my best friend in 8th grade and turned it into an award-winning essay.
  8. My first kiss was the last day of Young People’s Day Camp on the bus ride home. Her name was Jen and I was ten (yes, I know that rhymed).
  9. I haven’t had a check-up in almost 10 years. I’m not sure if I’m afraid something is actually wrong with me or that nothing is wrong with me.
  10. The summer after 8th grade, I went to Jamaica and bought this “Friendship” banner thingy with a poem on it for a girl I had a huge crush on. I could never work up the nerve to give it to her even though I had three opportunities. It currently hangs in my bedroom.
  11. I have never broken a bone in my body.
  12. From junior year of high school to junior year of college, I was a semi-serious watcher of Days of Our Lives.
  13. My mother once flat out asked me if I’m gay. Then a couple of days later, I went into the city the same day as the Gay Pride Parade. When I saw my mother again, she said “So, what did you do in the city on Sunday?”
  14. The first cassette tapes that I owned were Batman soundtrack, Ghostbusters II soundtrack and Leaders of the New School’s A Future Without A Past.
  15. I cried when Optimus Prime died in Transformers The Movie.
  16. I used to have my brother forge almost anything that required my parents’ signature – detentions, permission slips, etc.
  17. I got caught shoplifting twice – the last time stealing a pack of batteries for a girl.
  18. I really don’t get worked up about attractive celebrities but I pretend to in public to fit in.
  19. I don’t know anything about cars.
  20. I’m uncomfortable walking around without a soundtrack.
  21. I didn’t hear the N-word in reference to me until high school.
  22. The first real racism I experienced in life was when I girl who I was really close with freshman year of high school was told by her mother she wasn’t allowed to hang out with or speak to me anymore.
  23. After me and girlfriend #2 broke up in Sophmore year, I locked myself in my room and played PlayStation in the dark for two weeks. She bought me the PlayStation two days before we broke up.
  24. My favorite name as a child growing up was “Alicia.”
  25. I was once asked by a friend, “When are you going to start thinking about yourself?” I still don’t have an answer for her.
  26. If Angieee and Rich has hired me to work on the Black Lily website (despite being incredibly unqualified), I would have moved to Philly. When it didn’t happen (coupled with being on my last few unemployment checks), I cried…hard.
  27. I hug people the way I do because I don’t know any other way.
  28. If I deleted 75% of the hip-hop off my iPod, I don’t think I’d miss it.
  29. I once got stung on the bottom lip by a mosquito in grade school. My lip ballooned to a size of a Ball Park frank.
  30. I used to be so insecure about my appearance that I wouldn’t look at myself with my glasses on.
  31. I used to cry when my glasses got knocked off my face because I was afraid to tell my father I broke them.
  32. If I have to decide between “making a move on someone” or “just being friends and living with being attracted to them for the duration of our friendship,” 9.87 times out of ten, I will choose the later.
  33. I give pretty good massages.*
  34. With a couple of rare exceptions, I don’t think there is such a thing as a “good kisser” and a “bad kisser,” just bad rhythmic matches
  35. That said, I’m a good kisser.*
  36. The only comfort of this blog is I know only 10 people read it, only four regularly.
  37. My dream job is working at a Mom & Pop video rental store…making 70K a year.
  38. After Fact #23 stopped happening, I took to renting videos non-stop. I rented over 45 movies from January to May of Sophomore year. The store I rented from considered giving me my own “Sean’s Picks” section.
  39. Unless I’m drunk or really sleepy, I fall sleep to one of my chill mixes on my iPod.
  40. I love Snickers bars above all other chocolate candy bars.
  41. I’ve never thrown a punch in the context of a fight.
  42. I have, however, been punched twice in the face and a number of times in the body, kicked in the face and hit with a shovel.
  43. I rarely remember my dreams.
  44. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be England.
  45. I’ve never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld.
  46. I have eczema.
  47. I am bad with money.
  48. I have been reading comic books almost as long as I have been reading.
  49. I took Psychology as a major in college because I listened and dealt with so many people’s problems, I thought I might as well get paid for it.
  50. I live in constant fear that one day someone at work is going to realize I don’t know what I’m talking about and then I’ll be let go.
  51. I can consume anything grape-flavored but I’m not nuts about grapes.
  52. I’ve Google-d a fair number of people who I’ve had interest in.
  53. I bite my nails.
  54. I was convinced my parents were going to get a divorce as soon as I was 18 or 21.
  55. I was kind of disappointed when they didn’t.
  56. I tried to get dreads put in my hair in college but the girl did a crappy job.
  57. There is cancer in my family.
  58. I hate when my favorite song on an album becomes a single.
  59. I used to love to argue. Now, if someone disagrees with me, I’ll concede.
  60. My favorite ice cream was Dolly Madison’s Vanilla. They stopped making it. They only make Vanilla Bean. It’s just not the same.
  61. I don’t feel like I fit in with my extended family.
  62. At my job at the NYU Medical Library, this cute little 16 year old used to flirt with me all the time (I was 20 I think) and one day she kissed me on the lips when I wasn’t paying attention. I freaked out and I was like, “Don’t do that again.”
  63. I’ve been in three car accidents but only once as the driver.
  64. I have imagined what it would be like to get into a fist fight with most of my male friends and if I could take them in a fight (guess who wins in my imagination?).
  65. I thought I’d be married by now.
  66. I get very uncomfortable when people cry in front of me.
  67. I haven’t bought a CD since Jay-Z’s The Black Album.
  68. I’m surprised I ever wanted to get married after growing up in my house.
  69. My left leg is longer than my right leg. I was supposed to wear an insert in my right shoe but I always forgot.
  70. I have sclerosis. The doctor thought I might have to wear a back brace at one time.
  71. My mother makes me self-conscious about my weight.
  72. I used to cheat on tests in high school.
  73. I didn’t believe in homework. That’s why God invented a long bus ride to school, free period and lunch.
  74. My favorite Shakespeare play to read is Macbeth.
  75. I didn’t get Student of the Month in St. Brigid’s until 4th grade.
  76. I used to sneak out of Art Class in St. Mary’s High School in Sophomore year to hop over the fence, go to The Wiz and buy new music.
  77. I don’t respond well to attention.
  78. I wish I went to USC or Syracuse instead of NYU…but only during college football season.
  79. If I had a choice, I’d rather a daughter over a son.
  80. I don’t have a plan for the future, near or distant.
  81. I hope I live long enough to see the series finale of Lost.
  82. I was sadder when Phil Hartman died than when my grandmother died (in my defense, I only met my grandmother twice).
  83. My pinky toes are both pretty gnarled up from stubbing them constantly on my bed growing up. I wish they would have fallen out so I could get a do over.
  84. I miss driving around listening to music.
  85. I want to learn two languages but I just don’t have the patience.
  86. I always bring my camera because a) I like taking pictures of my friends and b) it assures that I will be in the least amount of pictures.
  87. I love talking about TV shows. I think it’s the only thing I’m really passionate about anymore.
  88. I played Little League for five years and I sucked for four of them. My last year, I was so below-average, my coaches used to ask me to lean into pitches to try to get hit.
  89. I went to Lutheran Sunday School and Confirmation school until my parents didn’t feel like driving me anymore so I never got confirmed.
  90. I didn’t get into football until the Giants beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game in 1990.
  91. Kids aren’t interesting to me until they can talk.
  92. I got my ear pierced when I was 13. My friend Lance disinfected one of my mother’s earrings, put ice on my ear lobe and just popped it through. My parent’s didn’t notice for almost a year.
  93. If I had a job that paid well and would let me get away with it, I would pierce my nose and tattoo my forearms.
  94. In high school, I used to talk to my friend on the phone so much, my mother had a $300 phone bill. She was the friend referred to in Fact #22.
  95. On my first day of NYU, while walking around the city, this guy asked me for directions, then followed me around and asked if I wanted to hang out with him. I said “No thanks,” immediately went back to my dorm and changed my clothes.
  96. I used to be in a children’s choir. Me and this girl were supposed to be the featured singers. Then puberty kicked in.
  97. I hate hearing my voice on recordings or videos.
  98. I prefer white wine to red wine but always feel awkward when I’m the only guy drinking white.
  99. I’ve written three angry, emotional e-mails that I know have made the recipients cry.
  100. I wish I still knew how to write like that

And, we’re done!

* So I’ve been told


11 thoughts on “100 Facts About Sean

  1. Thought so. He actually took a job my friend was applying for at Chaminade. My friend said it was a Polish guy with bad teeth (and I knew it was him), so unless he is swinging in a new direction, he is probably safe for now.

  2. fascinating… i knew some of these. but i didn’t know A LOT of them. that said… this was really awesome, Will. 🙂

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