Fall TV 2007: Thoughts and Comments

After my initial Fall schedule, there were early casualties. Here are some more casualties, additions and thought on new and current shows.

After trying to hold on, I finally had to eliminate Bionic Woman (NBC) and Aliens In America (CW). Aliens In America was a cute show but I didn’t care enough about it to keep watching it. Bionic Woman was a bad show that I only stuck around for because of my love for Katee Sackhoff. But no woman is worth that much bad TV.

I picked up Gossip Girl (CW) at the behest of my friends Andrea and Noma. We’ll see how long that lasts. I’m also picking up Samantha Who (ABC) and The Big Bang Theory (CBS). I saw the pilot for The Big Bang Theory in the summer and as a part-time geek I was offended. But every once and awhile I check it out in the time between How I Met Your Mother and Heroes and it’s gotten much better and some of my fellow part-time/full-time geeks seem to like it so I’ll give it another chance.

As far as everything else goes:

  • How I Met Your Mother needs to find a way to reintegrate Robin into the fold without it being awkward between her and Ted. I know it’s more realistic for there to be awkwardness but it’s hurting the show because Robin has these solo adventures that suck while the rest of the group is interacting with one another. The last two episodes have been a step in the right direction
  • Yes, Christine, I’m still watching Private Practice. It has greatly improved since the first episode when I hated it so much I wouldn’t refer to it by name, only as “That show.” The biggest problem with the show is Addison. It’s as if Shondra Rhimes developed this show about an alternative medicine practice and as an afterthought threw Addison in there (this very well may be the case). Addison isn’t acting like Grey’s Anatomy Addison, she’s acting like Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 & 2 Meredith and that doesn’t work for an almost 40 year old character.
  • I don’t know if its because they are no interns anymore or they can’t think of reasons to keep Meredith and Derek apart so they apart “just because” or because they lost two of their better actors (Kate Walsh and Isiah “I didn’t call TR Knight a faggot” Washington) I think the magic is gone from Grey’s Anatomy and I don’t think they’ll ever get it back. At least it still has a nice soundtrack.
  • Heroes is going nowhere fas. I won’t get into it here. I elaborated my problems on my PrepTimePosse post, “Why I’m Not Blogging About Heroes Anymore
  • Pushing Daisies is great. It isn’t perfect (no show is) but it’s the only new show I feel I HAVE to watch the night it airs. An honor only bestowed on a few shows – 24, Lost, The Office, How I Met Your Mother
  • Friday Night Lights isn’t as good as it was last season but I think that’s because they weren’t expecting to get a season two. I think if they knew from the jump that they were getting a season two, we would a better more focused show. Too many characters have reverted back to their pre-enlightened Season one selves (Matt, Smash, Riggins) and I won’t even talk about the The Bad Thing (coined by Alan Sepinwall). It’s still better than most shows on TV.
  • The Imaginationland trilogy on South Park, which concluded tonight, has been some of the best South Park in years. How is this show still so good after 10 seasons?
  • My Name Is Earl is also having some of its best episodes ever but no one’s noticed because it’s airing before critical darlings, 30 Rock and The Office.
  • The Office should avoid doing full hour episodes from now on. It was a noble experiment but a failure except for the last one hour episode. Darryl is the new Creed.

Are there any shows I’m not watching that I should?


One thought on “Fall TV 2007: Thoughts and Comments

  1. i just started watching Journeyman. it’s not great but I started b/c a friend told me it’s like Quantum Leap. the first ep and the appearance of Moon Bloodgood made me think is was going to be another Daybreak. while i’ve realized that’s not the case, i’m still watching in hopes that it will surprise me by giving some answers or making it exciting to anticipate them.

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