MeLOVEism, Part I

So I was reading some of my OLD posts and realized I don’t theorize about love and relationships anymore. My favorite thing about this blog was to write thoughts and theories about love and relationships. What you think before you are in a relationship and what you think during a relationship are two TOTALLY different things. I just wanted proof that I didn’t think love and relationships were all fun and games.

Anyway, I want to tap that part of my brain again but I’m lacking in inspiration. So I’m reaching out to you,my 5-7 semi-occasional readers, for questions for me to answer.

So leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail.

For starters, the lovely Navani has agreed to ask me some questions for me to answers:

Do you think the idea of a rebound is universal for both women and men?
I think the idea of a rebound is universal for men and women but I think they approach it differently. I think guys have more of a tendency to hook up with someone to try to get the ex “out of their system.” They actively seek out the rebound. Women actually date and have relationships with guys before they even realize that he’s the rebound guy.

Who should initiate communication between a man and a woman? Does it matter? Are there still rules regarding this?
I don’t think it SHOULD matter but it does. In a perfect world, people would approach the people they are interested it – years of social programming be damned. But some guys are scared by the kind of girls who would approach them and some girls will NEVER approach a guy and why should they?

Can booty calls ever really turn into real relationships?
My initial reaction was “No. Never. Never Ever.” But you know what? You never know. Eventually, the booty caller and the booty have to have some post-coital conversations. Maybe they’ll have some inside jokes. Learn something about each other’s personal life. Next thing, you know, you get a phone call at 1 PM…

When is too soon to say you love someone? is there a too soon?
Yes, there is a “too soon.” I understand the desire to tell someone the second you feel it but you should hold off until you are at least 85% certain they feel the same way. It’s about letting your relationship grow at a comfortable pace. If you tell someone too soon, it creates a countdown of sorts: The How-Many-Days-From-Me-First-Saying-‘I-Love-You’-To-You-Reciprocating Countdown.

Can you have a successful relationship with someone that maybe you have no sparks with but is a really great person otherwise…and offers you everything you’ve ever wanted in a relationship
Yes, you can a successful relationship with a really great person who you don’t feel the romantic spark for. It’s called a friendship.

Thanks for playing, Navani. Hopefully, you won’t be the last.


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