MeLOVEism, Part III

Round Three courtesy of Sheila

Can you ever say “I love you” too much?
It depends why and how you say it. If you say to the point that it’s commonplace (like the end of a phone conversation) than it’s never too much. But some people say it with a certain level of fear like every time they say it is supposed to be a reminder. “Remember when you go out into a space that I’m not with you that I love you and you are supposed to love me so don’t do anything that compromises that. Don’t leave me!” You can tell when there’s a hint of desperation in an “I love you” and it’s really fucking creepy.

Can a couple ever have a successful relationship following a “break” (a la Friends)?
It depends why the couple broke up. If they broke up over a fight that wasn’t an underlying issue throughout the relationship, just anger, then yes. But if the couple broke up over an issue in the relationship that wasn’t resolved, something like key beliefs on marriage and children, then they probably shouldn’t get back together unless one person truly has a change of heart. How often does that happen (without therapy)? If you decided a long time ago you don’t want kids, what would it take for you to want kids? When people who break up over big issues get back together, they go under the same haze people just start dating are under that everything is fine but eventually the issue creeps back up. Hopefully, you’re not already married when it does.

Do soulmates exist?
Yes, they exist. Doesn’t mean you’re supposed to date them. Whoever you consider your best friend – regardless of gender – is one of many soulmates in your life.

Can “Momma’s boys” ever love their significant other more than their mothers?
It depends what kind of momma’s boy they are. If they are the kind that loves their mother because she’s their best friend and they talk about everything, probably not but that’s okay. The love he has for you and her aren’t in conflict. If they are the kind of momma’s boy who’s mother did everything for them and babied them throughout their life, you DON’T want them to love you more than their mother because that means he thinks you have taken over the babying part. Plus, the mothers of those types of guys are particularly horrible to deal with.

Are bars actually conducive to meeting “relationship material” people?
Only if you list under your interests “dressing up to get drunk.” Seriously though, you can meet “relationship material” people anywhere. It’s just a matter of sifting through all the “one night stand” material people and the “I’m subconsciously looking for a rebound” people and the “I’m here every night” people and the “I seem like relationship material but I’m really batshit crazy KOO KOO KACHOOO” people. It’s not necessarily a needle in a haystack but it definitely feels that way.

Will Britney Spears ever find true love?
Who’s to say she hasn’t? Hasn’t her behavior over the last year proven that Kevin Federline was truly a soulmate?

Thanks Sheila!


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