MeLOVEism, Part IV

The saga continues courtesy of Tasha:

Does intense passionate love truly last in long term relationships (long term being more than 10 years)?
No it doesn’t. Imagine how creepy that would be. Two people constantly thinking about one another, fucking like rabbits when they got home from work, being all schmoopie with each other for 10 years. How would they accomplish anything in life? Who would take care of the children? Who would want to be around that kind of couple? Just thinking about it makes me nauseous. You can have intense passionate moments which are better because they stand out in the monotony of a long-term relationships.

Do men and women truly love differently? And does one gender love ‘harder’ than the other?
Men and women do love differently but I wouldn’t say one loves “harder” than the other. It really varies from person to person. People have a tendency to think that the way they love is the way everyone should love. So when their partner doesn’t love them in their way, they take it as not being loved as much as they love their partner. I don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone not named Sean.

Is the concept of romantic love as we know it
a. a concept manufactured by advertisers and writers?
b. a purely chemical reaction?
Love is a chemical, emotional and psychological reaction that would happen to a person who lived under a rock for their entire life, never having seen a movie, read a book or heard a trite ballad. However, how one is expected to act in a relationship tends to be “manufactured by advertisers and writers.” They sold us on flowers and diamonds and cards and mixtapes as expression of love. I would love to live in a world where two people loving each other and spending time together is all that mattered in a relationship but alas, too many women have seen Pretty Woman. Personally, whoever does ads for Kay Jewelers should be hung from their ankles and have frustrated husbands throw rocks at them.

Do you think a man’s current proclivity for distancing sex from emotion and woman’s tendency to attach of emotion with sex nature or nuture?

It’s too prevalent in my gender to not consider it nature but their is a nuture element. How old are boys before they first hear about love and relationships? When they pull all the girls out of 4th grade to talk about their periods, the boys should be made to watch High Fidelity.

Thanks, Tasha.


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