Movie of the Week: Juno

This year’s Little Miss Sunshine.

The movies started slow and sometimes the script tried to hard to be witty but it was still one of the better comedies of the year.

Ellen Page (Juno) was great (I’ve loved since Hard Candy) and will probably be nominated for an Oscar (or at least a Golden Globe). Actually everyone was really good – Michael Cera, J.K. Simmons (good to see him playing a nice guy), Alison Janney, Olivia Thirlby. I especially liked Jennifer Garner. Who knew she could pull off such a sad, controlled performance?

The soundtrack was also great.

The Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You


2 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Juno

  1. I hadn’t heard anything about Juno (in my usual media blackout) prior to the last two days, but Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman were on “Fresh Air” talking about it yesterday and I was intrigued, and now you’ve just solidified my resolve to watch it.

  2. i was under the impression that Juno was directed by the same guy who directed Knocked Up because it’s about an unexpected pregnancy, plus Michael Cera stars as Juno’s boyfriend (he was one of the goofy kids from Superbad, a close relative of Knocked Up), but it turns out this is not the case

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