100 Things That Make Me Happy (If Only For a Second)

Another project from Sheila:

  1. Will Ferrell’s scenes in whatever movie he is in
  2. New comics on Wednesday
  3. Snickers bars
  4. New episodes of my favorite shows
  5. Hearing a song that is line with what I’m feeling at the moment (if that moment is a good moment, of course)
  6. Receiving cards in the mail (not e-cards, USPS style)
  7. Receiving hugs in proportion to the hugs I’m giving
  8. Trying to have a intelligent conversation with someone under the age of 9
  9. This song
  10. First kisses
  11. Inside jokes
  12. False glimmers of hope from crushes
  13. Receiving a complement about something I don’t necessarily believe about myself
  14. The ten seconds between just finishing cleaning your room and starting the process of messing it up again
  15. Seeing something I want on sale
  16. The moment you realize a movie is going to be one of your favorites
  17. Learning something new about someone I care about
  18. Not having to get out of bed when other people are at work
  19. Sugar
  20. Beating the hard part of a video game
  21. Winning
  22. Being right
  23. Having a conversation with a friend who is just as drunk as you are about how drunk you both aren’t
  24. Holding hands when its cold (locking fingers, not grasping hands)
  25. Noticing something cute about someone they may not notice about themselves
  26. When one of your favorite movies are on cable and you turn to it and it’s at your favorite part
  27. When I realize the person I saw a movie with loved it just as much as I did and instead of defending it, we can exchange praise, favorite parts and quotes all the way home.
  28. Being finished with a project
  29. When an album I’ve been dying to hear leaks on the internet
  30. Soft vanilla ice cream in a cone with rainbow sprinkles
  31. Getting comments on my blog especially from friends I didn’t know read it
  32. Watching recaps of the Yankees or Giants winning on SportsCenter
  33. Getting a phone call right after a new episode of 24 or Lost concludes
  34. When someone loves a movie I recommended
  35. Finding a present that is perfect for someone
  36. The first sip of the first beer after a long shitty day
  37. When a book turns into something you have to finish, instead of something you are just reading
  38. Rilo Kiley songs
  39. Telling people who make at least $20,000 more than me what to do
  40. Giving somebody something they wanted, especially if they didn’t ask for it
  41. A good chicken cheesesteak
  42. Someone liking something I wrote
  43. Not having to do anything
  44. Genuine surprises
  45. Seeing someone smile at me
  46. Being complimented on what I’m wearing
  47. Receiving voicemails & text messages from drunk friends
  48. Being missed
  49. Reading my friends’ blogs
  50. Having a good week in fantasy football
  51. Game winning home runs by the Yankees
  52. White Chocolate Mocha Latte from Starbucks
  53. Black noodles with chicken from Spice
  54. Reading Ask Ausiello on Wednesday morning and talking my friends about it
  55. Looking at my checking account online and realizing I’m not going to be broke before my next paycheck arrives
  56. Kristin Chenowith on Pushing Daisies
  57. When the Yankees beat the Mets or the Red Sox
  58. When the Mets and the Red Sox lose
  59. Seeing pictures of myself that I actually like
  60. Getting a back massage of equal or better quality than one I would give myself
  61. Finding money in a pair of jeans
  62. Finishing all the shows stored on my DVR
  63. Shelia’s morning instant messenger hugs
  64. Tara’s “eeeee” when something is hilarious
  65. Nikki’s 3D dance
  66. Andrea’s “I wanna see that!” face after a good movie trailer
  67. Getting sincerely thanked
  68. Seeing my friends who are pregnant
  69. Open bars
  70. Spring
  71. Waking up at my stop on the subway (on the first try)
  72. Having a really good idea
  73. Welch’s grape soda
  74. When there are Twizzlers in the vending machine at work
  75. When Jack Bauer shoots someone
  76. Being done with work for the day or the week
  77. When a movie I’ve been dying to see again finally comes out on DVD
  78. Getting answers on Lost
  79. Tropicana Orange Juice (No pulp)
  80. Egg and bacon on a roll in the morning
  81. H&H plain bagel, lightly toasted, one butter
  82. New Perry Bible Fellowship comic strips
  83. Being needed but not manipulated or abused
  84. Juvenile humor
  85. Getting a new tattoo
  86. Being comfortable with someone or something
  87. Having all my shirts ironed and put away
  88. Meeting someone new who loves things that I love
  89. Finishing my bag of comics for the week
  90. Seeing someone I miss
  91. Soft white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies
  92. New t-shirts on Threadless (even if I’m not allowing myself to buy anymore)
  93. Getting White Castle after 2 AM after a night of drinking and hanging out
  94. Laughing hysterically with friends
  95. Epiphanies
  96. Seeing someone on the street I don’t feel like talking to first so I can avoid them
  97. Making someone feel better
  98. Getting a blog post out of my system
  99. Hearing an amazing album for the first time.
  100. Making someone else smile…if only for a second

4 thoughts on “100 Things That Make Me Happy (If Only For a Second)

  1. i’m smiling now.
    thanks for the #63 shout-out.
    you realize that you’re going to have more assignments come your way, right?

  2. Excellent job balancing out the semi-bitchy list from the other day (OK, so it was full of painful truths). I have a number of new favorite blogs, yours being one of them. I thing I might blog about new favorite blogs now. Whoopa!

  3. 29 – totally agree with this one. i think i squealed when my friend sent me the leaked copy of café tacuba’s newest album.

    35 – this one can’t be underestimated, especially if the person is very special (e.g., bf or gf)

    38 – always!

    49 – agreed, especially when there’s some inside joke and i get it.

    51 – substitute yankees for dodgers, and i agree.

    55 – yes! i checked my account today and was surprised at the amount of money i had. i wondered if there was a mistake.

    56 – i love how she has her dark side.

    88 – sigh. this kinda rarely happens, and when it does it’s serendipitous.

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