I Fought The Future And Won

Beginning in May, I began a Netflix project. Being an avid Lost disciple, I wanted to watch one of its forefathers, The X-Files. Despite seeing the movie in the theaters, I had only watched a handful of episodes over the course of its nine seasons. I hate jumping on a show like this from the middle.

I burned through the first three seasons pretty quickly but when summer movie season and then the new fall television rolled around, I found it harder & harder to find time to watch episodes especially when the quality started to lessen.

Luckily, the TV strike came around and I found tons of free time to watch the occasional episode.

Last week, I finally finished the entire thing.

Here are a couple of stray thoughts:

  • The first six seasons were great. Period. But after that it got bad pretty quickly. Once they added Reyes and put the whole search for Mulder thing behind them, the show got okay again until the end.
  • It was funny watching the evolution of Gillian Anderson. She was very “plane jane” for the first few season and then all of the sudden, she got a haircut, started wearing nice suits and she became hot. I’m in love with her now.
  • The biggest problem with the post-Mulder seasons were the attempts to make Doggett the new Scully and have Scully be the old Mulder. They rectified this with Agent Reyes but then they made another mistake by making Reyes and Doggett the new “Will they/Won’t they” agents.
  • They mythology never made sense.

Next up, Twin Peaks (once season one becomes available on Netflix)


One thought on “I Fought The Future And Won

  1. i REALLY loved The X Files – almost as much as Felicity & My So Called Life. 🙂

    i was a die-hard watcher throughout college, but as you’re realizing, it started to suck pretty quickly in the later seasons.

    the mythology of “the smoking man” never really panned out… or what happened to Mulder’s sister… or Scully’s pregnancy… or about 10 other rabbit-holes that led to no-where.

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