So This Is The New Year…

How did I celebrate New Year’s Day?

I left my friend’s house at 10 PM. I went home, threw on my sweatpants and continued watching season three of The Wire (I rewatched seasons 1-3 this weekend in preparation for the season premiere of season 5 this Sunday). I drank three beers in Sean-like speed.

I may or may not have been awake at midnight but if I was, I definitely fell asleep shortly afterwards (Sorry to anyone who sent me a text message and didn’t get one in return)/

Who cares about New Year’s anyway? If you’re single and not looking for a immediate-yet-temporary substitute, it’s just a night to spend more money drinking than you would any other night. Why should my New Year’s be anymore eventful than any other day of my life?

No resolutions this year (at least that I am publicly announcing) althought I didn’t do so bad with last year’s Do’s and Don’t. What changes I make, I make.

Death Cab For Cutie – “The New Year”


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