The 200 Greatest Television Shows I Ever Watched

By “greatest”, I do not mean the pinnacle of the art form (although some of these shows definitely fit the bill). After looking all over Wikipedia, I pulled out the 200 shows that I loved since I was able to remember what I was watching on television. The original goal was 100 but, obviously, I’ve watched a lot of TV in my 30 years of life and I didn’t have the heart to pare this list down to 100.

If it wasn’t outright canceled, a lot of these shows saw drops in quality before they were taken off the air. This list was developed looking at the shows during their creative peak (in my opinion). Some of these shows were canceled during their creative peak which is why I remember them so fondly.

Anyway, let’s get on with it.

In alphabetical order (all links are to the show’s Wikipedia page):

All shows in bold are still on the air so it’s not too late!


7 thoughts on “The 200 Greatest Television Shows I Ever Watched

  1. Ah, “South Central.”

    The most vivid memory I have from that show was Larenz Tate’s character getting jumped on the bus and his friend jumping out of the rear emergency exit.

    Worst TV Friend Ever.

  2. I agree with most of these, but take issue on two shows:

    A Different World – Really?!? Duane Wayne? I mean, I love Lisa Bonet as much as the next guy, but really?

    Quantum Leap – Ziggy feels like there is a 98.2% chance it should have made the list.

  3. I just got super-pissed looking back at your TV list. I reviewing it as a reference guide, and lo and behold, I cannot find MacGuyver. Seriously? I mean, who didn’t love Kate & Allie… but put MacGuyver in their apartment, and imagine what he could do. I’m hurt by that omission, and yep, Kevin’s right that Quantum Leap should be there too, but not at the expense of A Different World; I would take out the Ben Stiller Show, easily the worst sketch comedy show of that era, despite the talent. I would have included The State or MAD TV over that one, though you have most of the vital sketch comedies on there. Very pleased overall, though it will take some time for me to cool down over the MacGuyver thing.

  4. GREAT list; however,

    I second ME’s notion on The State and MAD TV.

    Was I the only one who used to watch Laverne & Shirley?

    What about Jem?? (truly outrageous!) – I knew boys who watched Jem back in the day! But they were, err, umm…nevermind! :-p

    Both Degrassi’s? Yesssss

    The L Word? Yessssss

    Get A Life!!! I swore that I lost brain cells watching it, but I couldn’t stop!! LOL

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