Remember When…: 100 of My Favorite Memories

Memories are wonderful things if you don’t have to deal with the past.
~ Celine from Before Sunset

This will be my last “100” list. Seriously.

  1. The party we threw the night before graduation from New York University at Bar 85.
  2. Oversleeping for graduation and wearing the clothes I had on at the party under my gown.
  3. My first night at NYU when I met Anya and Rashida and we all went to Tower Records.
  4. When I tied Anya to her chair so she would finish her paper
  5. Getting my first tattoo in Philly in 1999
  6. When Nou yelled at me from the stage and accused me a heckling her. Then talking at the bar and becoming great friends immediately
  7. Black Lily at Shine on Hannah’s birthday (technically)
  8. When Joey convinced the Mrs. Cantino (the Spanish teacher) that he had jumped out the window
  9. The first time I went snowboarding with Eva
  10. Going all the way to New Hampshire to get furniture for Anya’s apartment and driving back to NYC in the largest U-Haul truck they had on the lot.
  11. My first kiss on the bus of Young People’s Day Camp on the last day of camp.
  12. The first time I kissed T.Y. at Todd’s house waiting for her father to pick her up
  13. The first time I kissed E.B. on her couch after I rushed to her house in Queens from NYU.
  14. The first time I kissed F.J. in my car after weeks of just sitting in my car and talking and, well, NOT kissing.
  15. Eric and I getting in trouble during our first high school dance at St. Mary’s for dancing too promiscuously with the girls during the reggae portion of the DJ set
  16. When Nou, Tank and others who I can’t recall were listening to D’Angelo’s Voodoo for the first time.
  17. When I got laid off from Sukin Law Group
  18. First time I went to Great Adventure with F.J.
  19. After the blackout in 2003, walking down to Jen’s apartment and sitting on her stairs with Suzy, Sheila and Jen drinking her remaining Bud Lights
  20. Celebrating the Yankees 1996 World Series win with E.B.’s mother because E.B. didn’t care.
  21. Celebrating the Yankees 1999 World Series win on street in front of Third North Dorm. All the bars between 10th and 13th street let out and we stopped traffic until a truck full of cops made us go back inside
  22. After an argument before I had to go to work, E.B. driving in the rain from Queens to Broadway Mall in Hicksville to give me a balloon that said “I’m Sorry.”
  23. When F.J. made me a makeshift pair of glasses.
  24. When Pierre interrupted E.B. and I in bed then decided to hang around and watch Mr. Wrong with us until she left.
  25. The first Okayplayer reunion in Philadelphia
  26. When I finished moving into the Harlem apartment and just passed out in my bed
  27. When none of us could get a rental car, driving down to Atlanta from New York with Kristy, Derreck, Eric, Fatima, Tara and Bill.
  28. Going to Chik-Fil-A on the way home
  29. The first time I went to England to visit Hannah and she brought me to a wine bar with her friends and I pretended to be a “rude American”.
  30. Watching the Giants beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship game with my brother and his friend Seth
  31. Winning that writing award and $500 bond at my 8th Grade graduation.
  32. Lance kicking the Nintendo every time I was about to beat him in RBI Baseball via the mercy rule
  33. Going camping with E.B. and all her friends
  34. Helping Jen paint a room in her house
  35. Visiting Angie on the set of Scrubs
  36. Mercy Flush Ski Weekend I & II
  37. Seth: “I think I blew my load on that granny shot.”
  38. Kaiva’s going away party
  39. Winning the Unsung Hero Award at the OPR Professional Achievement Awards
  40. After Jeremy’s Ale House, K.P. breaking into a Axl Rose impression that caused Nikki, Kevin and I to fall to the ground simultaneously.
  41. Tara falling in front of Nevada Smith’s Matrix-style
  42. 2002 New Year’s at Kristy’s apartment in Far Rockaway
  43. Paintball with Tony, Kevin and T.J.
  44. Finally winning Student of the Month in 4th grade
  45. When Kerwin and I got drunk on our suitemate’s Pepsi that, unbeknown to us, had vodka in it then heading to NeoLounge and havign he best night ever
  46. Going to Great Adventure with Bill and Yusef
  47. Hannah’s birthday at Kristy’s house in which her birthday cake cracked so we wrote “Boom” on it
  48. Hugging Anya in Loeb Student Center and cracking her back to which she gave an orgasmic reaction
  49. Riding in the “cage” on the way to Great Adventure with Pam, Nikki, Alison, Andrea and Copas
  50. My fight with Frederico which resulted in getting hit in the ribs with a shovel and having my finger bitten so I couldn’t punch him back
  51. When Kenny, Nick and I went into Broadway Mall and stole more than $100 dollars worth of cassette tapes
  52. Snowball fights at the dead end of Montauk Court
  53. Kerwin and I playing NBA Live until 5 AM because he wouldn’t let me go to sleep until he beat me
  54. When I accidentally did the Rock Bottom to Jasmine in Chicago
  55. Getting pulled over in Port Washington with Todd driving and Andrew, Brian and Eric in tow. Andrew starts singing “Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do?” and Todd freaks out and yells, “Shut the fuck up!”
  56. Passing History in Junior year of high school. The teacher said you couldn’t pass if you didn’t do the homework. I proved him wrong.
  57. Sneaking out of art class, jumping over the fences and buying new cassette tapes every Tuesday.
  58. Sneaking out of art class to play basketball with Todd, Eric and Rueel.
  59. Getting on the bus to go to Roosevelt Field to buy TY a Valentine’s Day present, falling asleep in the bus and ending up in Jamaica, Queens.
  60. Passing notes in high school with Eva and Jen.
  61. Jessica R’s overly-extravagant and drama-filled sweet 16 party.
  62. Dressing like an idiot for high school prom – white gloves, sunglasses, cane and Kangol
  63. The first post Ogilvy PR hug from Sheila
  64. Taking care of my baby cousin Christopher at my grandparents’ house in Jamaica
  65. Getting chased by Brother Joseph in the hallway after he noticed I had shaved my head
  66. Going to the Intrepid with Mona for no reason and taking 50 pictures
  67. Senior formal at NYU until I got drunk, locked out and stuck with a whiny Rafick
  68. The Halloween Black Lily show where I dressed as Dr. Evil with my personalized Mini Me
  69. Rock Lily when Danophonic Dan tried to jump into the crowd but took too much of a running start and jumped over the crowd
  70. Jen and Christine’s housewarming party where we all agreed not to show up drunk and we showed up obliterated instead
  71. Setting my alarm to chest Kevin at midnight at the housewarming party and hitting him so hard, he collapsed
  72. Drunkenly walking Crosby around the block at the same housewarming party.
  73. Getting paid to dress up as Blade at a comic convention
  74. In Chicago, walking all the way to the store in the rain and coming back to the hotel empty handed forgetting that I went to the store for food.
  75. Attempting to drive to New Jersey with Danophonic Dan and ending up in Deleware
  76. Dinners at Tara’s apartment before Black Lily shows
  77. Playing Kickball in Prospect Park and then attempting to play Every Man For Themselves Dodgeball
  78. Tara’s birthday cake that had an inappropriate message on it
  79. Getting drunk on Stella Artois with Hibo in London
  80. After a girl he was messing with had left the dorm room, Kerwin and I trying to determine what that foul odor was
  81. Playing tackle football in Cantiague Park on Sundays
  82. Handing out flyers for Black Lily shows with Nou and Tank in the city
  83. Sex
  84. Getting chased out of Sherwood Gardens on Halloween for being from Westbury Hills
  85. Matt: “What kind of stupid name is ‘Hibo’?”
  86. Seeing The Ring with Kristy and Eric (spoilers) and a) busting out laughing when the horse jumped off the boat and didn’t clear the ledge and b) huddling up and yelling “WHAT THE FUCK?!” when the girl crawled out of the TV
  87. Going to a random park, seeing Harold & Kumar Goes To White Castle then going to White Castle and ordering Crave Cases with Eric, Derreck, Bill, Tara and Ian
  88. Getting kicked out of English Honors Class twice in 15 minutes: First for being late (I wasn’t) and second when I was sent back to class without a detention and I chuckled at Mrs. Hill when he looked at me during attendance
  89. My backrub exchange program with Anya
  90. When my brother and his friends were riding around the neighborhood with weapons because they thought someone stole me bike
  91. When my father foolishly had the barber shave my hair almost bald and I was so embarrassed that I opted to wear my Superman hat in class the next day. The teacher took me outside and told me to show her and it couldn’t be that bad and I did and she laughed.
  92. Out last day in Amsterdam when Derreck wouldn’t let us leave any unfinished business
  93. Lining up with Andrea to try to get the perfect space to watch Casablanca in Bryant Park
  94. Racing back to the city from my high school reunion because Nikki and Tony were sending me text messages that Kevin was drunkenly making out with a really tall girl
  95. The one year in Little League when our team won our division after playing on last place teams for three years
  96. When Mary showed me her nipple piercing in Houlihan’s in front of the window
  97. Seeing the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in New Jersey from 10 AM to 1 AM at a movie theater in New Jersey with Tia
  98. Playing “Red Light” on the bus on the way home from school.
  99. Making mix tapes in my brother’s room for T.Y. and E.B.
  100. When Kerwin, Troy and I had to drag Rafick out of Christine’s dorm because he was drunk, professing his love for Christine and wouldn’t leave. Then we got him back to our room and he threw up and missed the the trash can and Kerwin kicked him.

If you are mentioned somewhere here, thanks for the memories. If not, I’m sure we have some beautiful memories that I just couldn’t remember while I was putting this together (did I mention I drink a lot?). Feel free to leave a comment mentioning a memory of us you think I forgot (or if I got one I did post wrong). Otherwise, I look forward to making future memories with you. Bring a camera though. It will be easier for me to remember.


6 thoughts on “Remember When…: 100 of My Favorite Memories

  1. I think everyone had a better time and our housewarming than me and Jen.

    And I remember telling you to walk Crosby and then being like…pause…pause…pause..pause…FUCK! and running out to check on you.

  2. i wasn’t going to say anything because i wasn’t sure if i’d show up again on the list (thankfully i did!) but i didn’t go to ATL with y’all 😦

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