Movie of the Week: Atonement

Not impressed.

How unimpressed you might ask? Remember how mad I was when Crash won Best Picture over Brokeback Mountain in 2006? If this wins Best Picture over No Country For Old Men…shit, even Juno (I haven’t seen Michael Clayton or There Will Be Blood), I will be very unhappy.

Maybe if I saw it before the Golden Globes win for Best Picture (Drama) and before all the Oscar nominations, I would have felt differently about the movie.

No, I just didn’t get the big deal.

The beginning was very good. I would say from the beginning until we skip four years into the future, it was a very good film. After that, it just dragged pointlessly to the conclusion.

Saoirse Ronan (Briony Tallis at age 13) was very good and deserved all her praise.

Allow me to use this movie to complain about a little pet peeve.

If a movie skips to the future and has different people play them, THEY ALL DON’T HAVE TO HAVE THE SAME HAIRCUT. If you tell me that this is what the character looks liek now, I’ll believe you unless all of the sudden they change races. No one needs to have a little girl’s haircut for 70 years.


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