My 15 Favorite Moments From Season Three of Lost

Thursday cannot come soon enough…

Episode 1: “A Tale of Two Cities”
Moment: The opening on the Others section of the island. They had a nice peaceful community before Oceanic Air flight 815 crashed and ruined all their lives. Also, there was the cool shot of seeing the crash from their perspective.

Episode 4: “Every Man For Himself”
Moment: Ben shows Sawyer why it won’t be as easy to escape as he thinks

Episode 6: “I Do”
Moment: “Kate, damn it, RUN!” After being a simp for the first five episodes, Jack finally gets a step ahead of Ben and The Others. Unfortunately, he didn’t know there were two islands.

Episode 8: “Flashes Before Your Eyes”
Ms. Hawking: You don’t buy the ring, Desmond.

Desmond: How do you know my name?

Ms. Hawking: Well, I know your name as well as I know that you that don’t ask Penny to marry you. In fact, you break her heart. Well, breaking her heart is, of course, what drives you in a few short years from now to enter that sailing race — to prove her father wrong — which brings you to the island where you spend the next 3 years of your life entering numbers into the computer until you are forced to turn that failsafe key. And if you don’t do those things, Desmond David Hume, every single one of us is dead. So give me that sodding ring.

Episode 14: “Exposé”
Moment: The moment when Nikki opens her eyes right before the dirt hurts her in the face ending the noble but failed experiment of Nikki & Paulo

Episode 15: “Left Behind”

Moment: Kate vs. Juliet in the rain. (What?)

Episode 19: “The Brig”

Moment: Sawyer finally has his Inigo Montoya moment and kill the real Sawyer (a.k.a. Locke’s kidney-stealing father)

Episode 20: “The Man Behind The Curtain”
Moment: “Help. Me.”

Episode 21: “Greatest Hits”
Moment: Charlie’s entire flashback which for the first time since we found out he was destined to die, I kinda wanted him to live.

Episode 22: “Through The Looking Glass”
Moment: Jack beating the shit out of Ben after he thought he had Sayid, Bernard and Jin killed

Episode 22: “Through The Looking Glass”
Moment: Hurley saving them with the Roger’s van

Episode 22: “Through The Looking Glass”
Moment: Sayid’s Jack bauer-esque neck snap

Episode 22: “Through The Looking Glass”
Moment: “I didn’t believe him.” Sawyer killing Tom in cold blood, making good on his promise when Walt got taken from the raft

Episode 22: “Through The Looking Glass”
Moment: ‘Nuff said

Episode 22: Through The Looking Glass”
Moment: ‘We have to go back, Kate! We have to go baaaack!!!”

What were yours?


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