Lost Season Four: "The Beginning of the End"

We aren’t wasting any time this season so I won’t either.

What I Liked:

  • The season opens with a Hurley flash forward!! As opposed to Jack
  • We picked up right after the season three finale
  • Lance Reddick as Matthew Abbadon (Col. Daniels from The Wire)! Finally, someone has taken advantage of his inherent creepiness.
  • Jacob’s shack!
  • Ben is still a bastard.
  • We’re back to Jack vs. Locke…in a big way!

What I Didn’t Like:

  • There are only seven episodes left
  • Naomi didn’t have to die. She was fine!

What We Learned:


  • Oceanic 6! Only six people get off the island! Holy shit!
  • It appears Hurley isn’t having a great time post-island
  • Hurley was dying to get back into therapy?
  • Oceanic is taking care of the Oceanic Six
  • Jack goes to visit Hurley before he goes batshit crazy



  • Who are the rest of the Oceanic Six?
  • If only six people get off the island, what happened to everyone else? Are they still alive?
  • Why did Hurley act like he didn’t know who Ana Lucia was?
  • Has anyone checked to see the percentage of times Jack has been wrong so far (I bet it’s around the 75-80% mark)?
  • How did Naomi know about Penny and Desmond?
  • How come no one has ever started a fire running through the forest with torches?
  • Is Jacob the source of all the creepy whispering in the forest?
  • Why does Christian Shepard appear to be alive?
  • What does it mean that Hurley can see Jacob too?
  • How is Locke okay after the gut shot he received from Ben less than 36 hours ago?
  • How did that other mental patient see Charlie?
  • Is Charlie Hurley’s new Dave?
  • What have the Oceanic Six agreed not to talk about?
  • What happened between the time Jack saw Hurley and Jack went nutty and wanted to go back to the island?

One thought on “Lost Season Four: "The Beginning of the End"

  1. ok so i was thinking maybe it was hurley that died in last season’s finale but the coffin was kinda small and the theory is it’s a man from new york so i dunno i got nothing.

    i think sawyer may be one of the oceanic 6.

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