Lost Season Four: "Confirmed Dead"

What I Liked

  • The freighties are here!
  • Someone finally asked about the smoke monster

What I Didn’t Like

  • Jack and Kate weren’t inquisitive enough with the freighties
  • As much as I love Ben as a character, they really should have killed him by now. Sawyer’s right. It’s only a matter of time before he betrays them.

What We Learned

  • Oceanic 815 was found off the coast of Bali in the Sundra Trench allegedly
  • Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) – physicist*
  • “Rescuing you and your people…can’t really say that’s our primary objective.”
  • Locke’s lack of a kidney saved his life from Ben’s gunshot
  • Miles Strom (Ken Leung) – exorcist, talks to ghosts
  • 324 total passengers on Oceanic 815
  • Tell my sister I love her is a code for trouble, Naomi was warning the Freighties
  • Charlotte Lewis (Rebecca Mader) – anthropologist
  • Charlotte found the remains of a Dharma polar bear in Tunisia
  • Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahay) – pilot, was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815
  • Oceanic Air 815 pilot’s name was Seth Norris
  • Matthew Abbadon put together the team, Naomi was the team leader
  • They are here for Benjamin Linus!
  • Ben doesn’t know about the smoke monster*
  • Ben knows the freighties are after him because he has a man on the boat!


  • Why did the discovery of the alleged wreckage of 815 upset Daniel so much?
  • Why did Daniel have a gas mask?
  • Who does Matthew Abbadon work for?
  • Why did Abbadon select a physicist, a ghostbuster, an anthropologist and a former Oceanic pilot for his team?
  • Who else is on the freighter?
  • What does it mean that the light “doesn’t scatter quite right” on the island, according to Daniel
  • Who is Ben’s man on the boat? (I’m guessing Michael)
  • How Ben never shoots anyone in the head?
  • How come no one ever gets a cold on this island?
  • When was that photo of Ben taken? Has he left the island?
  • That obviously wasn’t Oceanic 815 (the full plane was discovered when we know the front of the plane is on the island amongst other things) discovered underwater so what plane was that?

* Could be a lie


4 thoughts on “Lost Season Four: "Confirmed Dead"

  1. george is the man on the boat. and what was the lady’s name that took miles’ call? and who did he ask to speak to? i love ben’s outfit in that picture. SIX MORE TO GO!

  2. I like the idea of Minkowski, the boat’s receptionist, as Ben’s guy on the boat, but I prefer the idea of him being someone we already know. And part of me kinda hopes they bury him with Nikki and Paolo.

  3. I think the freighties are from the Dharma Initiative. They want to get Ben because of the Purge. And I also think that Michael is Ben’s guy on the boat. I don’t really see any other way to bring him back into the storyline.

  4. My guess is that Abbadon made sure the pilot who was *supposed* to be flying Oceanic 815 was the helicopter pilot because then they’d be sure to find it because the island wanted Lapidus and he escaped his fate the first time.

    You know, some of these big questions (like, what’s the smoke monster?) just seem to come out of nowhere. It’s like writers really just wanna throw a bone to the fans and all our griping about unanswered things. The whole thing about Locke living because he gave up his kidney seemed kinda awkward too. It makes sense, but the way it was said was like the question about the smoke monster.

    When I saw the gas mask I immediately thought back to Ben killing all the Dharma people.

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