Lost Season Four: "The Economist"

What the FUCK is going on!

What I Liked:

  • Sayid makes it off the island. Thank God! Between him and Hurley, I don’t care who the rest of the Oceanic Six are
  • Three great episodes in a row.
  • Lines of the night: Hurley, “Oh awesome, the ship sent us another Sawyer” and “Yeah, I saw you break that guy’s neck with that breakdancing thing you do with your legs. I think I’ll hang back here.”

What I Didn’t Like:

  • I agree with Ausiello, they have gotten over Charlie’s death rather quickly. It hasn’t been 24 hours since they found out Charlie’s dead.
  • Locke hasn’t done much to engender the trust his team has put on him.

What We Learned:


  • Sayid pooled his golf lessons from his time on the island.
  • Oceanic Six received a large settlement
  • Sayid is an assassin/hitman for Ben(!)
  • Sayid prefers the “chick” spot in post-coital cuddling


  • There was a secret room in Ben’s house in Othersville containing a Bourne-like cache of passports and currency
  • Sayid’s stupidity cost Ben a dollar.
  • Sawyer doesn’t want to leave the island
  • Kate joins Team Locke…for now


  • What kind of details did “Taller Walt” give Locke regarding the Freighties?
  • Who is R.G. (Naomi’s bracelet)?
  • Why hasn’t Sayid been in charge this whole time?
  • Did Sayid give up on Nadia?
  • Why couldn’t Locke find Jacob’s cabin (or why is Jacob’s cabin not making itself available to Locke)?
  • Is Naomi wearing the same braclet as Elsa?
  • Why is Jeff Fahey the only one of the Freighties listed as a “guest star”? Doesn’t bode well for his time on the island?
  • Why does Miles care about Locke so much?
  • Who is Regina (on the freighter)?
  • What does the fact that the beacon was delayed by 31 minutes(!) mean?
  • If time is moving slower on the island than in the real world, how are the freighties able to have real-time radio transmissions with the boat?
  • What exactly is Daniel testing for?
  • Considering Sawyer was on the original raft, why does he want to stay on the island now?
  • Was Miles kidding when he said “not yet”?
  • How did they get Desmond and Penny’s photo?
  • How often has Ben been off the island with his cache of passports?
  • What work does Charlotte have to do on the island?
  • Why is it important that Frank has to stay on the same bearing he came in on with the helicopter?
  • Who did Elsa call after she shot Sayid?
  • Does the fact that Ben makes it off the island imply that the Oceanic Six mean more people make if off the island with less fanfare?
  • What happened the last time Sayid “thought with his heart instead of his gun”?
  • How is Ben protecting Sayid’s “friends”?
  • Who are the people Ben is having Sayid kill?

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