Lost Season Four: "Eggtown"

I knew it!

What I Liked

  • “You totally just Scooby Dooed me.” I love Hurley.
  • “Enjoy your breakfast.” Damn, Locke.
  • Even though I knew it, great ending!

What I Didn’t Like

  • We haven’t seen Rose & Bernard since the first episode
  • While a good episode, it wasn’t has great as the previous ones. Kate-focused episodes tend to be that way.

What We Learned:


  • Kate loves makeup off the island
  • Kate goes to trial for ALL her crimes and pleas not guilty
  • She was locked up during the course of her trial
  • Kate has a son!
  • Jack comes to the defense of Kate as a character witness
  • Everyone thinks only eight people survived!
  • Kate’s mom is dying.
  • Kate’s mom would trade her testimony to see her “grandson” but Kate doen’t budge
  • Kate’s mom didn’t testify anyway and she got off for time served, 10 years probation and she can’t leave the state.
  • Jack still loves Kate


  • Locke is keeping Ben in the same room they keep Locke’s father
  • Ben is healing up rather quickly
  • Ben still mentally owns Locke
  • Locke is acting like the new Ben
  • Sawyer still hasn’t lost his con man tricks
  • Miles would forget he ever saw Ben for 3.2 million dollars
  • The helicopter never made it to the freighter!


  • How many Dharma snacks are left on the beach?
  • If everyone knows that Oceanic Air 815 crashed on an island and not in the ocean, how was the fake Oceanic Six that was discovered explained?
  • Why have the survivors agreed to lie about the details of the crash?
  • Who does the public think are the other two people who survived the initial crash aside from the Oceanic Six?
  • Are these two people dead?
  • Why was Kate so sure she wasn’t pregnant? It’s only been like a week since she slept with him.
  • Who does Miles work for?
  • Why 3.2 million dollars?
  • Who IS Ben and what CAN he do?
  • Daniel and Charlotte’s game of concentration: fun or another test of the island properties?
  • What does Locke mean when he says he’s “responsible for the well-being of the island?”
  • Why did the DA insist that Kate not leaving the state be a part of her deal?
  • How big was that settlement that Kate can afford a house like that?
  • What about Desmond’s prediction to Charlie about Claire getting on the helicopter?
  • What about the psychic’s warning to Claire that she has to raise Aaron or bad thing would happen
  • Does Jack know that Aaron is his half-nephew at this point?
  • Is Aaron one of the Oceanic Six? Technically he wasn’t on the plane

One thought on “Lost Season Four: "Eggtown"

  1. My question: Is the flow of time on the island really so screwed up that the public can’t add up the fact that based on Kate not being pregnant (or, not nearly pregnant enough) at the time of the crash, she shouldn’t have a child of this age? Is this why we’re supposed to care about Daniel’s experiment?

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