100 Things That Annoy Me

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these things.

Thanks to Cindylu for the inspiration.

Let’s get it on

  1. Akon’s voice
  2. People who claim to be die hard fans but can’t name more than five people on the team (you can just be a fan of a player)
  3. That face Eli Manning makes when he botches a play
  4. Any article by Bill Simmons about Boston teams (except this one)
  5. The current exchange rate with US Dollar and any country across North Atlantic Ocean
  6. Being stuck at work late because I’m waiting for someone to send me something or respond to something
  7. Southern hip-pop especially when the song is just an excuse to do a variation of a “kick, twist, finger snap” dance
  8. Meetings/Conference calls at work scheduled between 12:00-1:00 PM
  9. E-mails or phone calls requesting work that requires more than 30 minutes of your time 15 minutes before you’re going to leave
  10. People who talk on Bluetooth headsets but don’t think they look strange
  11. Isiah Thomas’ continued existence on the Knicks sideline
  12. A-Rod interviews
  13. People who talk throughout the movie
  14. People who look at their cell phones/Blackberrys during the movies (Thanks, Andrea. I was letting that one go until I met you)
  15. People who talk about a movie or television assuming you’ve seen it and spoil something
  16. Paying extra money for a comic book and just getting 4 extra pages and 8 more pages of ads
  17. That point in a book where you know you don’t like it but you’ve come this far so you have to finish it
  18. Spam comments on my blog
  19. Invites to add more applications to my Facebook page
  20. Myspace pages that are so busy they crash my browser
  21. E-mail spam that starts out like “hi” in the subject line but then in the message in says “Do you want a bigger penis?”
  22. When something I want goes on sale the second I decide that I’m not going to spend anymore money
  23. Skunky beer
  24. Celebrity tabloid culture
  25. When people act like my racial identity is tied to my interests or my social activities
  26. Couples who act like “schmoopies” in public
  27. Fox News Channel
  28. Waking up 30 minutes before your alarm goes off
  29. When a McDonald’s has a different Dollar Menu than the one I’m used to in Harlem
  30. The sound of cat murders/orgies that goes on every other night behind my apartment
  31. When they have block parties on my block and play offensive music despite being across the street from a church
  32. When you order a DVD online and it arrives but the DVD got lose in the packing and it is all scratched up
  33. When my DVR/cable gets messed up due to inclement weather
  34. When someone gets to the register at a fast food place and acts like they’ve never been to a fast food place before
  35. Chappelle Show: The Lost Episodes
  36. When a presidential address disrupts my favorite television show
  37. When I get lost or stuck in a video game
  38. Friend requests on Facebook or MySpace from people I am 100% sure I don’t know
  39. When people complain about how much the Yankees spend on their roster, especially when those people are fans of other big city/big spender teams like the Mets or the Red Sox
  40. The “Why are you single” question
  41. Jessica Alba’s acting
  42. When an album has more shitty songs than good ones and no great ones
  43. My own debilitating laziness
  44. When a new female character appears on The L Word and she just happens to be gay
  45. When people are cast in movies because they are famous, not because they can act
  46. When I’m downloading something off a torrent and it stops at 99.7%
  47. When people try to manipulate you into doing something, not by asking directly, but by trying to make it seem like it’s something you wanted to do anyway and you notice and you would have done whatever they had wanted if they just asked but now you almost want to say “no” just because of the shitty attempt
  48. Run-on sentences
  49. Close talkers
  50. Stuart Scott (just talk like a normal human being)
  51. When good shows not only get cancelled but don’t get a chance to wrap up the show semi-cleanly
  52. When shitty shows never end (especially if you find yourself hooked on it for some reason)
  53. When Yankees fans boo Yankees (except for Kyle Farnsworth)
  54. Bandwagon jumpers
  55. People who don’t believe that you aren’t a bandwagon jumper
  56. When comics come out a day late because of a holiday
  57. When the office is closed on a Tuesday or Thursday but you don’t get Monday or Friday off respectively
  58. When a comic book I love is turned into a really shitty movie (i.e. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
  59. An itch in my lower back that is out of my reach
  60. Being put in the friend zone before you get a chance to make your move
  61. When girls make sure to tell a story that includes the phrase “So my boyfriend…” and you weren’t even interested in her like that
  62. When girls make sure to tell a story that includes the phrase “So my boyfriend…” and you thought you had a chance
  63. When a concert I want to go gets sold out in less than 15 minutes
  64. Standing behind a tall person at a concert
  65. Expensive umbrellas that fall apart after the first strong gust of wind
  66. Losing a good umbrella at a bar
  67. When multiple projects come in around the same time with the same deadline (give or take a day)
  68. When something you want is on sale but not in your size
  69. When you buy something and then it goes on sale but too much time has passed to get a price match
  70. Rude people at the register (especially at fast food joints)
  71. Beers that cost more than $7
  72. Having to go to Brooklyn for a party that starts at 10 PM
  73. Any “no panties” pictures of Lindsay Lohan/Britney Spears/Paris Hilton/etc.
  74. Poorly choreographed wrestling matches
  75. When people can’t take a joke
  76. Junk mail
  77. People who don’t know how to walk on the sidewalk
  78. Tourists in Times Square
  79. People who don’t flush the toilet after use
  80. When people complain about not getting answers in Lost
  81. Women who don’t like to be on top
  82. People who treat their opinions like facts
  83. When I buy a DVD and five months later a 2-disc special edition comes out
  84. When people show up 10 minutes before a movie starts on opening weekend and complain that there is nowhere to sit
  85. People who call you 5 minutes after they sent you an e-mail and say, ‘Did you get my e-mail?”
  86. Seeing a bad movie in the theater
  87. When you order food to go with special requests (“medium well”, “no tomatoes”, etc.) and you get home and they didn’t do it
  88. That look the Chinese food delivery guy gives you when he feels you haven’t tipped him enough
  89. That tone friends at work (or co-workers pretending you are friends for the time being) get when they are going to ask you a favor they think is unreasonable
  90. My paycheck
  91. Calls from headhunters
  92. Calls from vendors looking for business
  93. When people treat politics like they are voting for High School Prom Queen or King
  94. When people who try to walk into the subway car before everyone gets off
  95. When people jaywalk with baby strollers
  96. When the bartender can’t mix drinks properly and there is either too much alcohol or too much chaser
  97. UPS
  98. When an article of clothing you love gets ruined in the wash or gets a mysterious hole
  99. The quality of toilet paper at the office (it’s apparently 0.5 ply sheets)
  100. In the summer, when you are about to get on a subway car and it’s pretty empty but before it’s too late, you realize you are in either the no A/C car or the “homeless guy who has shit himself” car (or both!)

So what annoys you…besides me?


5 thoughts on “100 Things That Annoy Me

  1. nicely done, my friend. nicely done. points for getting this done so quickly following the idea.

    know what annoys me? word verifications. they are so hard to read!

  2. On #64… I’m pretty much always behind a tall person at concerts. The only break I get is when the concert is a Mexican band. The people there aren’t too tall. The worse thing in concerts though is the super drunk women who yell things at the band in loud, super annoying voices.

    I didn’t know #81 existed.

    I don’t think I have time to make up a list, but I’ll work on it on the bus ride home. I’m sure a bunch of things will come to mind then.

  3. When you get to the movies and there’s only the first few rows left…and THEN it’s a shitty movie.

    Black Dahlia, anyone?

  4. Jessica Alba is an actress? I’m not sure what she does, but I like her and don’t appreciate people speaking ill of her.
    Also, lots of things about umbrellas bother me. I have like 5 umbrellas spread equally at work and at home (2 at home and 2 at work and 1), but I never bring one out when it’s raining, so I have to always buy a new one for $4.
    Very solid list.

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