Lost Season Four: "The Constant"

Set your device to 2.342, set the oscillator to 11 Hz

What I Liked

  • It’s a Desmond/Penny (it never is just Desmond) flashsomething! His episodes are always the best. It could be a cheesy love story with him and Penny but it never is.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Fisher Stevens is dead already? What a waste.
  • If Desmond and Penny don’t find each other, I’ll be extremely disappointed.
  • I wish Sayid had suggested to Desmond, “Before the battery dies, give Penny our coordinates!”

What We Learned

  • Desmond was in the Royal Scot Regimen
  • Daniel was a professor at Oxford and was working on sending consciousness through times
  • A journal from the Black Rock-the slave ship on the island-survived and sold by Tobard Hanso and Charles Widmore bought it


  • Keamy, Omar, Ray are three of the Freighties
  • The freighter is in last port in Fiji, in the Pacific Ocean
  • The Satellite phones can only call each other
  • When exposed to high levels of radiation/electromagnetic energy, going to and from the island causes one’s consciousness to shift through time
  • George Minkowski in charge of communications on the freighter
  • George Minkowski answered Penelope’s call when he wasn’t supposed to
  • Someone destroyed all the communications equipment
  • If your consciousness jumps one time too many, it will be too difficult to get your present and you might get a brain aneurysm


  • Why didn’t they want Frank to bring Sayid and Desmond back to the freighters?
  • How many people are on the freighter?
  • Is Sayid going to regret trading his gun for that phone?
  • Where’s Regina (the voice on the phone)?
  • Who’s the captain?
  • Why didn’t the freighties on the island want to talk to George Minkowski before?
  • What time period is George going back to?
  • If Penny moved, how did Desmond have her number on the army base? (if it’s 1996, she probably doesn’t have a cell phone)
  • What are the odds that Daniel and Desmond would be in the United Kingdom at the same time?
  • Was Daniel a habitual weed smoker in 1996?
  • Was Daniel exposed to radiation because he didn’t protect his head during his experiments?
  • If so, how did he get to teach at Oxford?
  • Did Daniel reach the conclusion about the setting for his machine on his own in the future and sent Desmond back to tell him(which should cause a paradox) or was Desmond always the one who told him in 1996 and he just forgot?
  • If the latter, how did Daniel forget meeting a guy who said he was from the future?
  • Is Desmond going to die?
  • What happens if Desmond dies in 1996?
  • Who sabotaged all the equipment?
  • Who opened the door?
  • What are in the contents of the journal from The Black Rock?
  • Why did Charles Widmore want the journal?
  • If Mr. Widmore doesn’t “hate” Desmond, who does?
  • Why didn’t they need an area code?
  • Has Daniel been transferring his consciousness between multiple points in time?
  • If so, does that explain his memory loss?
  • If so, what point in time is he transferring from?
  • If so,is that why he cried at the discovery of Oceanic 815 but didn’t know why?
  • If so, did Daniel know about the island before anyone else because of Desmond?
  • Where was Ms. Hawking? Does she only appear for temporal course correction*?
  • If Minkowski and the other guy who died where affected by just rowing to the island, would Locke experience similar effects if he were to leave the island?
  • What happens is Desmond tries to return to the island?
  • What happens if Desmond flashes to a time before he met Penny?
  • Since they aren’t really flashbacks or flashforwards, what should we call Desmond episodes?

* I’m a geek so sue me.


3 thoughts on “Lost Season Four: "The Constant"

  1. Out of all the romantic pairings on Lost, my favorite has been Desmond and Penny, because there had been so much more at stake than the usual things that occur in a relationship. Watching Jack and Sawyer pass Kate back and forth like a joint can get tiresome after awhile. I think was this was the best episode of the season. And it’s been a really good season so far. The only exception would be Kate’s flash forward…

  2. so.

    i love this show. my head hurts from theorizing. i can’t do it anymore. i just have to watch how it’ll all unfold.

  3. This may have been one of my favorite episodes. So good. I agree with the above, but with two thoughts:

    – No area code was needed – Desmond told Sayid “London” so the area code had to be “2-0”.

    – According to Faraday’s journal on the island, “if anything goes wrong, Desmond is my constant.” Does this mean he’s going to start flashing forward to the future?

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