Lost Season Four: "The Other Woman"

What I Liked:

  • Claire (of all people) finally asked the question Locke should have asked
  • Ben finally gives Locke (and us) some information
  • I never get tired of Juliet
  • “Rabbit again? This didn’t have a number on it, did it?” – Ben referring to his rabbit dinner.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Jack doesn’t only not ask enough questions, he accepts too many non-answers
  • Now that we have flashforwards, flashbacks kinda pale in comparison
  • I felt like we could have done without the entire Juliet/Jack portion of the episode
  • Seeing Locke get played by Ben every episode, while fun, is starting to get wearisome.

What We Learned

  • The Others have a therapist, Harper
  • Goodwin is married to Harper
  • Ben’s in love with Juliet, Juliet doesn’t really share the sentiment
  • Harper knew Goodwin and Juliet were sleeping together and warned Juliet that Ben would angry
  • That’s why Ben sent Goodwin with the Tallies
  • Ben “owns” Juliet


  • Being away from the Others has done wonders for Juliet’s bad hair
  • The Tempest: electrical station that powers the island
  • Charlotte and Daniel are horrible liars
  • Charles Widmore is the man who sent the freighter to find the island!
  • Goodwin was making a case for Ana Lucia to join the Others*


  • How do the Others do that whisper-in-the-jungle and disappearing shit?
  • Did they teach Juliet?
  • How is Ben contacting The Others when he’s locked in the basement prison?
  • Why is Ben “exactly where he wants to be?”
  • How do Daniel and Charlotte have a map of the island and stations?
  • Who is the “her” Harper says Juliet looks like?
  • We know why Ben sent Goodwin away, what did Ethan do wrong?
  • How many people does Ben have off the island?
  • Who was filming Widmore?
  • If they were trying to make the gas inert, why didn’t they tell Jack and crew instead of sneaking off and knocking Kate out?
  • Would Ben really gas everyone on the island?
  • Will Jack ever get laid on this island?
  • Who is Ben’s man on the boat? (If it isn’t Michael, I’ll be surprised)
  • Have Locke and Ben officially teamed up?

* Could be a lie by Ben to get into Juliet’s pants


4 thoughts on “Lost Season Four: "The Other Woman"

  1. I would include, why Juliet knew Ben was going to win the battle with the frieghter people in either the questions section or the things we know section, cause Ben always has a plan; and maybe he sees ahead ala Desmond/Faraday or is really smart ala, wait… who is really smart? Oh, right, Ben.

  2. i’ve taken to laughing out loud at the ben scenes. the rabbit comment and the see you guys at dinner wave to sawyer and hurley were comedy.

    my question is why did that plane go down? was it ben or widmore? i guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. I’m with the others (on this blog, not the *others* on the island) on thinking maybe they think Juliette looks like Annie. In which case, will we get to see grown-up Annie in a flashback? (please?)

    If time moves differently on the island than it does in reality, is it possible that Sayid is Ben’s man on the boat?

    My favorite quote of the episode — on having a therapist — “It’s stressful being an other.”

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