Lost Season Four: "Ji Yeon"

What I Liked:

  • The Oceanic Six are complete (I think)
  • Juliet is COLDBLOODED
  • Bernard!
  • That I was so focused on being underwhelmed by the return of Michael, I was completely taken off guard by the Jin reveal

What I Didn’t Like

  • That we all knew Michael was going to be Ben’s man on the boat because that would have been one hell of an “Oh Shit” moment
  • That I fell for Jin’s flashback even though all the signs were there: Him looking younger, Year of the Dragon (2000), his bulky cell phones (Cell phones are a big tell on this show)

What We Learned

  • Sun makes it off the island
  • Sun gave birth to a girl, Ji Yeon, the name Jin wanted.
  • Hurley and Sun visit Jin’s grave (Tombstone marked September 22, 2004 – the date of the crash)


  • In a last ditch effort to keep Sun on the beach, Juliet tells Jin about Sun’s affair with Jae
  • Juliet has balls (ovaries?) of steel
  • The captain of the freighter: Captain Gault
  • The freighters have been going a little crazy due to their proximity
  • A saboteur has damaged the engine room amongst other things
  • Charles Widmore got the black box of the fake Oceanic 815
  • Michael is the spy under the guise of Kevin Johnson,mild mannered mopboy


  • Is Exposé (The show Nikki was on) really that popular that Sun would be watching it in the future?
  • Where’s Rose?
  • What happened to everyone who isn’t Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Aaron in the future?
  • Why did Regina jump into the water wrapped in chains?
  • Please tell me they didn’t hire Zoe Bell for that ONE scene?
  • What errand did Frank have to run on the island?
  • What is driving the freighter folk crazy on the boat?
  • Is Gault telling the truth?
  • Who staged the fake Oceanic 815?
  • Where DOES one find 324 bodies and a plane?
  • How did Michael get on the boat?
  • How much time has passed since Michael left the island and ended up on the freighter?
  • Did Jin really die?
  • If so, how and when did Jin die?
  • Why didn’t Jack come to visit Sun and Ji Yeon (Kate can’t leave the state and Sayid is a hitman)?
  • Where does Ji Yeon’s birth fit with Hurley’s psychotic break on the flashforward timeline?
  • Why do I feel like a small piece of my soul died?

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