Dear Friend Who I’d E-mail

What’s up? Sorry I haven’t called you (back) but I’m pretty crappy when it comes to talking on the phone.

How’s the (job/apartment/significant other) working out since we last spoke or have you (quit/moved/broken up)?

Me? My job is alright. I transferred to a different department (yes, again) but I’m still stuck doing parts of my old job. I’d complain more but that’s not going to change anything is it. It’s funny. It was funny. I watching The Wire and thinking about how in the end (spoiler) nothing changes institutionally and I got sad about my job because it’s the same way. Anywho, shit or get off the pot, right?

Yes, I’m still single. It will be four years in June. I don’t know it that’s impressive, scary or sad. I think I’ve gotten incredibly comfortable not having to consider another person in my decisions. I’m not saying I’m a commitment-phobe or anything. Actually, maybe I am. Not because I don’t want to be tied down or anything but I don’t miss having to do things because the other person is bored. Not saying I want to spend my life sitting on my couch watching TV every free moment I have…but it is my preferred position. I’ve come to realize that I like having someone to be with as long as I’m no required to keep her entertained. Know anyone? Nevermind. even if you did, I wouldn’t want to bother.

Have you seen any good movies? I really haven’t been dying to see anything since Oscar season ended. I’ll get around to seeing Semi-Pro (even though I heard it sucks). There are definitely some movies coming up I’m looking forward to: Funny Games, 21, Run, Fatboy, Run, My Blueberry Nights.

Have you been watching In Treatment? It’s a great show but if I didn’t have DVR I’d never be able to keep up. It’s like a soap opera (new episodes aired every night M-F). It’s almost over but it should be OnDemand until next month. Anyway, I’m obsessed with it and scared by it. The therapist, Paul, reminds me why I never wanted to pursue Psychology any further than a B.A. During my senior year, there was something that always rubbed me the wrong way about my professors who were also therapists: this kind of detached state…always analyzing. Even when we were having non-class related conversations, they always came off as not being able to let their guard down. And I wondered how that kind of person dealt with friends or family. How does one turn it off. Anyway, when I started watching this show, he’s like a TV version of my worst fears about becoming a therapist.

I hope all is well and you write back soon.


I felt like blogging about a bunch of different things and it just came out like this


One thought on “Dear Friend Who I’d E-mail

  1. i agree with you in regards to in treament. we’ll have to talk bout this, because i have a few things to say.

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