Lost Season Four: "Meet Kevin Johnson"

What I Liked

  • This episode was just a long series of answers. Have we ever had an episodes that was predominantly a flashback?
  • It was good to see Harold Perrineau showing how good an actor he is (and not yelling “Waaaaaallt!” or “They took my son!”
  • That this isn’t the last episode of the season, Lindelof and Cuse were right, this would have been a horrible way to end the show if the strike wasn’t resolved in time
  • Line of the night: “He wants to survive. And seeing as how a week ago you had a gun to his head and tonight he’s eating pound cake, I’d say he’s a guy who gets what he wants.” – Miles, in regard to why he thinks Ben will be able to get him his $3.2 million

What I Didn’t Like:

  • If Danielle is dead (her gunshot was in the lung so she might be alive), I’ll be extremely disappointed that we never got a flashback for her
  • Fisher Stevens showed up again but no Zoe Bell.

What We Learned:

  • Michael made it back the U.S. and is living in New York?
  • Walt is staying with Michael’s mother and won’t see Michael because he told him about how he killed Ana Lucia and Libby
  • Michael tried to kill himself by crashing his car but miraculously survived
  • Michael pawned Jin’s watch to get a gun to shoot himself
  • He is interrupted by Tom Friendly!
  • The “island” won’t let you kill yourself because you’ve got work to do
  • Michael tries to kill himself again but the gun jams.
  • The fake plane was discovered after Michael got home
  • Tom was gay
  • Some of the Others can come and go from the island to the real world
  • Tom tells Michael that Charles Widmore staged the whole wreck so no one but him would discover the island and has proof (photos of a emetary in Thailand, receipt for a Boeing 777, freighters)
  • Michael job on the boat: kill everyone on board
  • Frank joined the mission because Widmore believed him when he said 815 was a fake
  • They gave him a fake bomb straight out of the Joker’s playbook
  • Michael’s real job was to provide a list of the frieghties and disable the communication and engines so they’d never make it to the island


  • The Temple is where the rest of The Others are holed up
  • Karl and Danielle might be dead.


  • How did Michael and Walt get from the coast of Fiji to New York City?
  • When did Tom have time to see Michael in the real world?
  • Is Libby a hallucination or a manifestation of the island (like Charlie was to Hurley)?
  • Which Others have the ability to leave the island (Ben, Tom, Richard Alpert, Ethan have been seen off the island)?
  • The island won’t let you die? What the fuck?
  • How does the island determine what work you have to do?
  • Did the island cause the crash that stopped future Jack from killing himself?
  • Who’s behind the fake Oceanic 815: Charles Widmore or Ben Linus?
  • Why couldn’t they find a reason to bring Marsha Thomson every week?
  • Who else was lying about their identity on the freighter?
  • How much of Michael’s story did he tell Sayid before he stupidly turned him in (total Jack move)?
  • Did Ben set up Karl and Danielle’s ambush or were they shot by the freighter folks courtesy of Frank’s “errand”?
  • Was Malcolm David Kelly on his knees when he looked out the window or was that a digital Walt?

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