Movie of (Last) Week: Stop-Loss

Good movie that’s hurt by bad acting.

I should say my friend and I had gone to the movies with the intention of seeing Horton Hears A Who so to go from being in the mindset for a Dr. Seuss movie to seeing a(nother) depressing flick of Iraq was a little jarring. But I won’t hold it against the movie.

Ryan Phillippe was good but why does he always sound like he’s clenching his jaw. Abbie Cornish was okay but her Texas accent was pretty bad. The best was (no surprise) Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I wish they had spent more time with his character arc (which towards the end happens behind the scene of the main storyline). Actually, it might have been a better movie with him as the lead but that’s just my opinion.

It was good to see Victor Rasuk again who was good comic relief despite his character’s personal tragedy.


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