Movie of the Week: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Hopefully, this movie makes Jason Segal a star…and not just because he showed his kibbles and bits for laughs. I’ve been a fan of his since Freaks & Geeks. The script he wrote was really good and gave everybody a moment to be funny and gave a lot of characters a little more depth than expected.

I’ll be honest. When I saw the trailer, I was a little worried about the Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) character (the British rocker who dates Sarah Marshall after Peter). I was wrong. He was hilarious.

As is usually the case in Apatow productions, there are tons of funny minor characters and they all work here, particularly Jack McBrayer (as a newlywed who is scared of sex), Paul Rudd (as a stoner surf instructor) and Jonah Hill (as a waiter who is a little too obsessed with Aldus).


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