Lost Season Four: "The Shape of Things To Come"

What I Liked:

  • Wow, what an episode! That was possibly the most action-packed episode that wasn’t a season premiere or finale.
  • So many great Michael Emerson moments: Ben pulling the shotgun out of the piano bench, disarming and killing those two guys on horseback, the look on Ben’s face after Alex was shot, his chilly meeting with Widmore
  • We are finally getting rid of those useless extras
  • We are spared future poor acting performances from Tania Raymonde (Alex)
  • “Australia’s the key to the whole game!”
  • “When? ‘When’ is kind of a relative term.”

What I Didn’t Like:

  • No way Sawyer escaped several shooters with automatic weapons in a generally open area without getting shot once
  • It was kind of silly watching all those redshirts get killed off
  • Did the producers and writers just give up on the story Alex and Danielle Rousseau? They got their reunion and were killed 7 episodes later

What We Learned:

Flashforward (Ben)

  • Ben was in the Sahara Desert being a badass
  • He was using the alias of Dean Moriarty in Tunisa and is a preferred guest
  • Sayid was married to Nadia and she was killed by one of Widmore’s men (or so Ben says)
  • Ben got off the island with Desmond’s boat (or so Ben says)
  • Sayid killed the man who killed Nadia
  • Now we know how Ben and Sayid teamed up
  • Now in England, Ben goes to see Charles Widmore
  • Ben intends to kill Penelope as revenge for Alex


  • The body of the Doc Ray washed up on the shore with his throat slit
  • Code 14J means someone has turned off the fence
  • Sawyer is such a good con man, he conned all those bullets to hit other people
  • Miles didn’t know about the assault team on the boat
  • Ben confessed that he stole Alex from Rousseau when she was a baby (but we all knew that)
  • Keamy shot Alex!
  • Jack is not a complete idiot because he had Bernard listen in on the Morse Code message to Daniel
  • The Freighties had no intention of taking the 815ers off the island?
  • Jack is finally getting the stomach pains he deserves.
  • Sawyer, Claire and Miles head back to the beach while Locke,Ben and Hurley (under duress) go to find Jacob


  • How many pills can they have possibly obtained from one flight?
  • Wasn’t Hurley taking care of Vincent?
  • Who killed Doc Ray?
  • Did Sawyer care about the fact that three people got killed around him?
  • How did Ben end up in the middle of the Sahara Desert (wearing a parka no less)?
  • Why does Ben think it is important that Locke above all others survives?
  • What did the hotel registry say about Mr. Moriarty that had the check-in girl shook?
  • Why did Ben ask what year it was at the hotel?
  • What point in time did Ben leave to go Tunisa?
  • Is Ben telling the truth about Widmore having Nadia killed?
  • If so, why did Widmore’s man murder Nadia?
  • If not, did ben have Nadia killed?
  • What are “the rules”?
  • What is Smokey?
  • How does Ben control Smokey?
  • Why did the freighter tell them that the doctor was fine?
  • How does Bernard know morse code?
  • Are all the redshirts in Locke’s camp dead?
  • How come Hurley can find the cabin but Locke and Ben can’t?
  • When did Ben (in terms of time) go see Widmore?
  • Why can’t Ben kill Charles Widmore?
  • Where is Penelope hiding?
  • Is Sayid going to be the one sent to kill Penny?

2 thoughts on “Lost Season Four: "The Shape of Things To Come"

  1. Remember, when Locke’s crew found Charlotte, they tied her beacon onto Vincent and sent him running? That’s why Hurley’s not taking care of Vincent anymore.

  2. I must have said “oh shit!” at least 5 times during this episode. Great come back.

    I love how they’re actually answering questions.

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