Lost Season Four: "Something Nice Back Home"

What I Liked:

  • I know Jeremy Davies has a pretty small role but I love every twitchy move he makes.
  • Sawyer’s alive (or at least they think he is)!

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The beach has become increasingly annoying and boring
  • Jack made too quick a turn from being okay to becoming a drunken pill popper
  • I thought we didn’t have time for these kind of filler episodes

What We Learned:

Flashforward (Pre-crazy beard Jack/Post-Kate trial):

  • Jack and Kate were living together
  • Jack apprently got over his issues with Aaron
  • Hurley is still committed, not taking his meds, thinks the Oceanic Six are dead
  • Hurley is still seeing Charlie, told Hurley Jack was coming and Charlie gave Jack a message,”You’re not supposed to raise him.”
  • Jack proposes to Kate and Kate says “Yes”
  • Jack starts seeing his father Christian, starts taking pills
  • Kate is doing something for Sawyer off the island
  • Sawyer’s alive!
  • Sawyer chose to stay on the island
  • Jack knows he’s related to Aaron


  • Jack has appendicitis
  • Danielle and Karl are officially dead
  • Jin thinks Daniel was a crush on Charlotte despite her “attitude” problem
  • Charlotte understands Korean
  • Charlotte promises to get Sun off the island
  • Juliet removes Jack’s appendix without incident (Yawn!)
  • Claire has a vision of Christian holding Aaron
  • Claire walked off into the forest in the middle of the night
  • Aaron ends up alone in the forest


  • What does Miles sense about Claire and/or Aaron?
  • Rose is kinda right. Why did Jack get sick?
  • What is the nature of Charlie’s “visit” to Hurley and Christian’s “visit” to Jack?
  • What happened to Smokey after his run-in with Keamy and friends?
  • Who is Kate talking to on the phone?
  • Who does Jack think Kate it talking to on the phone?
  • What was Kate doing for Sawyer? (Theory: Probably helping out Cassidy and Sawyer’s love child, Clementine)
  • Was Jack implying that he knows he’s related to Aaron?
  • Where’s Claire?

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