Lost Season Four: "Cabin Fever"

What I Liked:

  • The Dali Lama-esque backstory of John Locke. Locke is probably the only character who’s backstory still provides information about his character
  • Line of the night: “Because destiny, John, is a fickle bitch!”
  • Moment of the night: Hurley sharing his Apollo bar with Ben outside Jacob’s cabin

What I Didn’t Like:

  • I know it’s TV but I just wish that once someone would hear some crazy stuff and be like, “Get the fuck outta here”
  • The whole thing with the doctor finally being kileld and thrown overboard and how that works with the crazy space-time continuum issues on the island made my head hurt.

What We Learned:
Flashback (Locke):

  • Locke’s mom = Emily Locke
  • Cooper was twice the age of Emily when he was conceived
  • Locke was born six months early and had a variety of infections but always survived
  • He was put up for adoption
  • Richard Alpert was present while Baby John was in the hospital
  • John Alpert visited John as a toddler
  • John was into backgammon even back then
  • Alpert invited John to a school for special children
  • Alpert gave John a test: He put a number of items on the table including a knife, a compass, a vial of sand, The Book of Laws, a comic book who’s cover text basically described the island and asked John to pick the item that belonged to him. John picked the knife. Alpert said that it didn’t belong to him and left saying he wasn’t ready.
  • John drew a picture of himself being attached by Smokey as a adult when he was a little kid
  • Locke was a nerd who got beat up in high school
  • Mittelos Labratory sent Locke an invite to their summer camp but he declined
  • Michael Abbadon was Locke’s orderly while he was paralyzed!
  • Abbadon suggested the walkabout to Locke that lead to him being on Oceanic 815


  • The Doctor is still alive on the freighter when the helicopter comes back
  • Apparently the island won’t let Michael die on the freighter either
  • John has a dream where he is Dharma member, Horace, building a cabin despite being dead.
  • Horace tells John to find him in order to find Jacob
  • John goes to the Dharma mass grave and finds a map to the cabin in Horace’s pocket
  • Keamy unlocks the secondary protocol for the island infiltration
  • Captain Gault thought he was only there for an extraction mission
  • Gault arranges for Sayid and Desmond to get a raft to start getting people off the island
  • Desmond won’t go back to the island as he’s had enough of being on that island
  • Keamy killed the doctor when Frank wouldn’t fly him and his solders back to the island
  • Keamy kills Gault too.
  • Frank is a pussy.
  • Locke enters the cabin alone and meets Christian Shepard,speaking on Jacob’s behalf
  • Claire’s is in the cabin too!
  • Christian tells Locke to MOVE THE ISLAND!


  • Why was it important to Emily that the baby was named John?
  • Why does the cabin keep moving?
  • How is the doctor still alive on the frieghter?
  • How did Michael get all that information about Keamy and everyone else?
  • Why is Locke seeing Horace who he’s never met?
  • Why doesn’t Ben “have dreams” any more?
  • Was the island keeping Baby John alive as a preemie?
  • Why was Richard watching Baby John?
  • What was special about John?
  • What was the purpose of the test?
  • Was there really a school?
  • Is Richard really immortal or is he time-traveling?
  • What was the significance of John taking the knife?
  • Who were the leaders (plural) of ther Others before Ben?
  • How are they going to “torch” the island?
  • Where does Widmore think Ben is going to head to?
  • What is Keamy strapping to his body?
  • What miracle happened to Matthew Abbadon?
  • How did Daniel send a message to one of the guys on the helicopter about the fate of the doctor when it appears the helicopter crew was still on the island last episode?
  • How many people are left on the freighter aside from Desmond and Michael?
  • Why did Frank drop of the satellite phone to the beachheads?
  • Why has the island rejected Ben?
  • How is Christian alive?
  • Is he really speaking for Jacob or is he Jacob assuming Christian’s form?
  • Why is Claire in the cabin, happy as a pothead?
  • Is Claire dead?
  • Why doesn’t Christian want anyone to know Claire’s with him?
  • Why is Aaron supposed to be with Sawyer?
  • When Christian/Jacob says move the island, does he mean physically or temporally?

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