Lost Season Four: "No Place Like Home" (Part I)

What I Liked:

  • I love Michelle Forbes. I hope this is a sign that she’ll be making more appearances
  • We finally got the Oceanic Six cover story
  • “Genghis”(Miles), “Shaggy”(Frank). It’s been awhile since we heard some Sawyer nicknames
  • BatManuel and The Others returned!
  • Line of the night: “You don’t get to die alone.” – Sawyer, a ply off of Jack’s oft-used “live together, die alone” line.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Knowing that she dies in the future kinda took away the emotion out of Sayid’s reunion with Nadia.
  • It’s hard to judge this episode because it felt like the first hour of a three-hour episode
  • That my DVR scared the shit out of me by appearing to not record Lost.

What We Learned:
Flashforward (Oceanic Six)

  • Ms. Decker Oceanic Representative
  • They were flown back and landed in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Press came up with “Oceanic Six”
  • They all agreed to a cover story
  • When they land, Hurley is greeted by parents, Sun by her parents, Jack by his mom, Kate, Aaron and Sayid are greeted by no one
  • The cover story:
  • Eight people survived the initial crash
  • Used flotation devices to wash up on an island, Membata
  • On Day 103, a typhoon washed fishing supply ship with food and a raft
  • On Day 108, the six survivors took the raft and washed up on the shore of Sumba
  • Kate was six months pregnant on the plane, she gave birth on Membata
  • Jin was not one of the eight surivors who survived the crash
  • Hurley’s still rich, doesn’t want the money
  • Sayid says they are absolutely no other survivors
  • Nadia comes to the press conference and reunites with Sayid
  • Sun goes to visit her father and tell him off
  • Sun bought a controlling interest in, Paik Heavy Industries, her father’s company
  • Hurley’s parents throw him a birthday party, Kate, Nadia, Sayid and Aaron show up.
  • Hurley’s dad gives him the car his father was working on as a kid (Trisha Tanaka Is Dead) (same one he crashed in “The Beginning of the End“)
  • The speedometer shows The Numbers, Hurley freaks out and “runs” down the street
  • Jack speaks at his father’s funeral
  • Claire’s mom (she was in a coma last time we saw her) shows up at the funeral and tells Jack about Claire
  • Jack knows that Claire is his half-sister and that Aaron is his nephew!


  • Daniel turns the sat phone to monitor and they Overhear Keamy talk about going to the Orchid
  • The Orchid is the secondary protocol, Daniel says they have to get off the island
  • Jack and Kate run into Sawyer, Aaron and Miles, he informs them that Claire is gone
  • Jack goes off to find the copter, Sawyer goes with him
  • Sayid gets to the island,taking people back 6 at a time
  • Kate tells Sayid about Jack and Sawyer and they run off to find them
  • Ben, Locke and Hurley are headed to the Orchid to move the island
  • Moving the island is “dangerous and unpredictable”, a measure of last resort
  • Ben opens a hidden box with a mirror, 15 year old crackers (that Hurley eats) and binoculars
  • Uses the mirror to communicate with someone
  • Daniel is going to start taking people to the boat, Sun, Jin and Aaron go on the first raft
  • Ben, Locke and Hurley reach the Orchid but Keamy’s team has beaten them there
  • Michael fixes the freighter engine but something on the boat is broadcasting and isn’t letting them find their way to the island
  • Jack and Sawyer catch up with the copter and Lapidus was handcuffed to it
  • The interference is being causedby the remote for a shitload of C4 on the freighter. Desmond, Michael and Jin are alone in the room with the C4
  • Kate and Sayid run into Alpert and an armed group of Others
  • Ben gives Locke instructions about how to reach the Orchid station then surrenders to give Locke a chance to get inside
  • Keamy knocks Ben out


  • Who made up the cover story?
  • Why did they feel the need to lie about the island?
  • If everyone on the boat was kept in the dark about Keamy’s intentions, how come Daniel has so much information in his little notebook?
  • What is the secondary protocol?
  • Is Daniel ever going to take off that tie?
  • What did Ben say with the mirror and who did he say it to?
  • How much money did Oceanic give the survivors?
  • Who is the other person Sun feels is responsible for Jin’s death?
  • Did Kate overhear Claire’s mom?
  • Have they moved the island before (like 15 years ago when those crackers first made it into the box)?

There really is no sense in asking any big questions until we see Part II so I’ll save them.


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