Lost Season Four: "No Place Like Home" (Part II & III)

What I Liked:

  • Sayid vs. Keamy! Sayid finally met his match
  • The three year time leap allows them to use Walt again. Brilliant!
  • Ben throwing all the metal in the chamber as Locke is told via that orientation video that no metal objects so be in the chamber
  • Ken Leung did so much with his brief lines in the episode. I hope we get a lot more Miles
  • With Charlotte, Miles and Daniel staying behind, we might actually get some backstory from them that we lost due to the writer’s strike
  • Yunjin Kim’s Emmy clip
  • I’ll admit, I welled up a little bit when the shipmate said “Ms. Widmore.” No matter what happens in the future as long as Desmond and Penny got together once makes me happy.
  • This is probably the most information-heavy episode ever. A lot of the questions raised this season were addressed while leaving the big overall questions intact.
  • Funny Line of the Night: “Dude, I’ve been having regular conversation with dead people. The last thing I need is paranoia.”- Hurley
  • Creepy Line of the Night: “Checkmate, Mr Eko.” – Hurley
  • Character Damning Line of the Night: “Lie to them Jack. If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself,they’ll believe you.” – Locke to Jack, regarding lying about the island
  • Word of the Night: “So?” – Ben, regarding Locke telling him he’s killed everyone on the freighter

What I Didn’t Like:

  • It wasn’t as mind-blowing as other finales but I still loved it.
  • Now that Penny and Desmond have been reunited, I’m worried about the fate of both characters
  • I think the reason for the “lie” while solid wasn’t sold very well. Also, I can’t accept that everyone would have signed off on Jack’s lie, especially Sun who looked like she would have stabbed him with a knife every time he looked in her direction.

What We Learned:

Flashforward (Oceanic Six)

  • Cover story addendum: Boone, Libby, Charlie are the people they say died the initial crash but died afterwards*.
  • It’s been three years between rescued Jack and Wolfman Jack
  • “Jeremy Bentham” was the guy in the coffin
  • “Jeremy” came to Kate and told Kate the same thing about going back to the island
  • Michael’s mother and Walt come to see Hurley in the asylum.
  • No one came to see Walt when they came back except “Jeremy.”
  • Sun goes to London and confronts Charles Widmore
  • Sun offers to help Charles Widmore
  • In a nightmare, Kate receives a weird backwards phone call saying “The island needs you. You have to go back before it’s too late.”. She goes to check on Aaron and Claire is in the room with him! Claire tells Kate not to bring Aaron back
  • Jack goes back to the funeral home where he viewed Bentham’s coffin and breaks in
  • He sees Ben there
  • “Jeremy” told Jack that he was off the island
  • “Jeremy” told Jack that after he left the island, some very bad things happened and it was his fault for leaving and that he had to come back.
  • Ben tells him that the island won’t let him get back to the island alone. They all have to go back including Jeremy’s body.
  • Sun blames Jack for Jin
  • Locke is Jeremy Bentham


  • Locke would make a horrible florist
  • Kate helps Richard Alpert & The Others set a trap for Team Keamy
  • Hurley loves 15 year old crackers
  • Locke tries to convince Jack to stay on the island.
  • Locke tells him that if they leave, he will have to lie about the island to protect it
  • Jack shares Robin Scherbatsky‘s belief that there are no such thing as miracles while Locke is more of a Marshall Eriksen.**
  • Miles doesn’t want to leave the island
  • Charlotte has been to the island BEFORE according to Miles
  • The Orchid Station comes with a new Orientation video. This time the doctor’s name is Edward Halliwax.
  • “Halliwax” explains that there is a Casimir Effect on the island allows them to move things through space/time
  • Keamy cheats death a second time to pursue Ben in the Orchid and taunts him about killing Alex
  • If Keamy dies, the detonator sets off the C4 and the freighter blows up
  • Ben doesn’t care and proves that while Keamy can survive a smoke monster and bullets, a knife works just fine
  • Charlotte decides to stay after all because she “is looking for where she was born”
  • The fuel tank of the chopper was hit with a bullet and they don’t have enough fuel to make it to the freighter
  • Sawyer whispers something in Kate’s ear, kisses her then jumps out of the chopper (“Top that, Jack”)
  • Sayid kills a guy outside Hurley’s asylum and sneaks in.
  • Sayid tells Hurley that Bentham is dead.
  • Sayid wants to take Hurley “somewhere safe”
  • Hurley was playing chess with Mr. Eko.
  • Jack makes Frank them leave without Jin (Jack, Sun, Aaron, Sayid, Hurley and Desmond are on before they take off)
  • Christian tells Michael “He can go now” and the freighter blows up with Jin on it
  • Sawyer makes it back to the island and sees Juliet on the beach getting drunk because she saw the freighter blow up
  • Ben is going to move the island knowing he’ll never come back and leaves leadership of the Others to Locke
  • Ben goes through a whole behind the chamber opened up by the explosion he caused
  • Ben hurts his arm falling off the ladder
  • Ben spins the wheel and a noise similar to the hatch exploding starts to hit the sky
  • A bright light hits the island and it disappears
  • The chopper runs out of fuel and crashes in the water
  • They all make it to the raft okay.
  • They see a boat and before it comes to them, Jack tells everyone that they have to lie to protect everyone still on the island from whoever sent Keamy and put that fake plane in the water
  • It’s Penny’s Boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Penny tracked Desmond’s phone call.
  • Penny helps Jack cover up their story
  • A week after Penny finds them, they sail to Membata to make the cover story work.
  • Penny, Desmond and Frank presumably go into hiding


  • What does Miles mean when he says that Charlotte has been to the island before?
  • Why did the orientation video start rewinding?
  • Did Jin make it off the freighter or is he dead?
  • What is Christian’s true nature?
  • Why won’t they just say Bentham’s real name?
  • Why does Walt dress the same and have the same hairstyle three years after the plane crash?
  • Wouldn’t “Jeremy” have told Walt why they had to lie since it was his idea?
  • Why does Charlotte pronounce Daniel “Danielle”?
  • What did Sawyer whisper in Kate’s ear?
  • What kind of conditioner does Sayid use?
  • Where did Sayid take Hurley?
  • Who was Sun referring to when she told Widmore that more than the Oceanic Six got off the island?
  • Why does Sun want to help Charles Widmore?
  • How many nameless Oceanic 815 survivors are left?
  • When was the last time the island was moved?
  • Why isn’t Richard Alpert the leader of the Others?
  • Why is the room Ben goes to frozen?
  • Does that explain how the polar bear got in Tunisia?
  • What happened to Daniel and the red shirts on the raft?
  • Where and when did the island move to?
  • How did Sun’s pregnancy survive all the shit we’ve been through?
  • How did Aaron survive all that shit?
  • How did Locke get off the island? Did he move it as well?
  • Did Locke travel to the future like Ben did when he got off the island?
  • Who killed Locke?
  • Who is the teenage son mentioned in the obituary Jack reading last season’s finale?
  • What happened after Jack left the island that made Locke (of all people) leave?
  • How the hell is Jack going to convince all those people to go BACK to the island?
  • Does everyone going back include Desmond and Walt?
  • What is Season Six going to look like? Are we going to spend more time in the present? Are we going to find out what happened on the island in the three years since the island was moved?
  • When all is said and done, how many indie bands will be named after characters, places and hatches from the show (I think Richard Alpert & The Others would make a great band name)?

*From the enhanced replay of Part 1
** How I Met Your Mother reference


2 thoughts on “Lost Season Four: "No Place Like Home" (Part II & III)

  1. I think you’d have to be heartless not to tear up a little when Desmond and Penny met up again. That was easily the high of the season finale. But it might have been balanced out by the low of the freighter blowing up and Jin (possibly) still on it. At least now we know that the Oceanic 6 do believe that Jin died and that’s not a lie.

    I didn’t really like Locke as Jeremy Bentham.

    And yay for How I Met Your Mother references.

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