Movie of the Week: Sex and The City

This was how the show should have ended (I won’t get into my feelings about the series finale again).

If you watched the show, I don’t know how you could have hated the movie. I wasn’t enamored with the show but liked it for the most part (except for the end). But the movie was enjoyable, albeit predictable (everything ended the way I thought it would based on the trailer). It was a little too long as they tried to cram a season’s worth of storylines into a little over 2 hours.

The first hour of the movie was like Fashion Porn to all the women in the crowd (I don’t think I’ve ever been to a movie that was sold out and had so few men* attending and I’m no stranger to chick flicks).

They better not make a sequel. There is no way they can extend their stories any further.

* My “Man Card” has finally been revoked because I saw Sex and The City before I saw Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This was a long time coming.


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