Movie of the Week: The Incredible Hulk

I loved this movie but that’s the comic book geek in me. That’s who this movie was made more: any comic book fan who hated Ang Lee’s Hulk (I didn’t hate it…I liked it until the metaphysical cloud fight in the end). With the exception of Edward Norton, I think the casting was better in Ang Lee’s movie but Norton and Liv Tyler had better chemistry than Eric Bana and Jennifer Connley.

CGI-wise, this Hulk looked much better than the doughy King Kong Hulk in Ang Lee’s interpretation. Also, I liked that they established a relationship between Betty and Hulk which was sorely lacking in the first movie and is a big part of the comic.

If you were just going into this not having read a Hulk comic book or ever watching episodes of the Bill Bixby show, you might just see this as mindless entertainment. But for someone who has, there were little nods to both worlds, which were great.

And of course, we are still building towards the Avengers movie which I am excited about but I think will be a lesser product due to casting (the problems with Norton have been detailed and they are already having problems retaining Jon Favreau for the Iron Man sequel)


One thought on “Movie of the Week: The Incredible Hulk

  1. i’m a comic book and movie fan, Ang lee’s interpretation of the hulk was good but i’ve noticed that only die hard hulk fans loved it. i’m happy that Ang lee did just call the movie the hulk so that people knew that it differed from the comic. i have not seen this new movie yet so can’t comment on that but hope there is the sense of love in it. since the first movie was just about banner and his temper.

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