Yet Another 100 Facts* About Sean

In honor of yet another birthday, I’ve decided to take a crack at revealing 100 more random items about yours truly. Hopefully, I won’t repeat myself from my first two efforts (Parts 1 & 2). If I do, let me know and I’ll come up with a new one (Update: the ones in red are replacement facts):

  1. The last birthday party my parents threw was when I was 10 years old. My cousins all brought me fireworks for my birthday, which I wasn’t allowed to light. Dicks
  2. The first DVD I bought was Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  3. I can’t help but cry through Björk’s screaming and crying towards the end of Dancer in the Dark
  4. I’ve only had one non-funeral related trip to Jamaica
  5. I didn’t miss a day of school until 8th grade.
  6. In nursery school, the teachers had made each of us little trucks made out of construction paper with our names written on it. Mine had “Shawn” instead of “Sean” written on it. I cried beyond the point of consolation
  7. Whenever I knew I was going to get spanked after parent/teacher conferences, I had two strategies: a) stay in my mother’s room watching soap hiding under her protection or b) getting under the covers and using my comforter as cover while pretending to get hit
  8. My brother and I figured out every hiding spot for our Christmas presents. It got so bad that we were playing with our new toys during the day and would put them back before my parents got home from work. It kinda took the fun out of Christmas in hindsight
  9. I was a latchkey kid from 4th grade on
  10. My favorite baseball player growing up was Don Mattingly
  11. Things I used to have posters of in my room: John Starks Dunk over Micheal Jordan (a.k.a. “The Dunk”), The Punisher, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Sade (taken from my brother), 1996 World Series Champion New York Yankees
  12. I was in the National Honor Society in high school…barely
  13. How I knew Girlfriend #1 and I were done. Before she went away for the summer, I went with her and her family while she bought shit and got her hair done. While she was in the chair, I gave her my Casio organizer because she wanted to write me a little note that I wasn’t supposed to read until she left. Of course, I read it as soon as I got home and it was innocent enough. I later noticed she deleted all the anniversary reminders from the month she left until the end of the year (I was a weirdo and had all the monthly anniversaries up to a full year). Ruined my whole summer. We “broke up” after she got back
  14. To this day, I’ve never asked her about it
  15. The name “Melanism” came from a band I saw in NYU called “Melanin 2000”
  16. I’m a Democrat
  17. I still haven’t had a check-up or physical
  18. For almost six months, I would meet friends in front of the Wetlands on Tuesday night, drive to Philadelphia for Black Lily, leave around 1-1:30 AM, drop everyone off and then go to work the next day
  19. In high school, I let three kids copy off me for the Chemistry Regents exam. I had a 95% going into the test. I was in the front and everyone behind me passed my answers back. I got a 70%. The kid directly behind me got a 66%. The rest failed and had to go to summer school. Oops
  20. My first official date with Girlfriend #2 was a double date with her younger sister and her boyfriend to go see Kids.
  21. I thought Mister Rogers was creepy
  22. The reason I’m such an early bird: my father kept all his suits for work in my closet and he would come into my room at 5:45 AM to get dressed every morning. He wasn’t exactly ninja-like plus the closet door got stuck alot so you had to pull really hard to open and made a loud noise when it did open. A few years of this and waking up at 6 AM was the norm
  23. I have a name I want to name a girl if I ever have a daughter but at this rate, it might end up being the name of one of the future pets-as-a-supplement-for-human-relationships I get (regardless, I’m not telling)
  24. I was kinda disappointed when I met someone with that name (middle name though)
  25. The motivating factor behind any career achievement at my current place of employment is: “How far can I get in this place without having to take the writing test?”
  26. The original point of this blog (actually my blog predates the term “blog”) was to share my opinion about movies without having to repeat myself. Not much has changed
  27. I slept with a night light a lot longer than I’m willing to admit on this list
  28. I used to eat Luden’s Wild Cherry Throat Drops like they were Skittles. I had a serious addiction to them in high school
  29. I’ve been wearing glasses since Kindergarten
  30. I’m still paying off my student loans
  31. I think I’ve said ‘I love you’ first in all my relationships (GFs 1-3: please feel free to refute)
  32. My middle name is “Andre” (Hey, some people don’t know that)
  33. I hate people who get on the subway before most of the people on the car get out
  34. I’ve only had to go to the hospital twice: 1) Stomach pains from eating too many greasy foods in one day when I was in grade school and 2) Severe sprained ankle from kickball last year
  35. I have a small birthmark on my right tricep. I think it looks like a dog or a rabbit
  36. I prefer being cold over being hot because you can dress for being too cold
  37. Every stage of my life, I have a new person I consider my “best friend” (the feeling isn’t always mutual)
  38. My father also ruined cereal for me. As mentioned in #22, my father used to get dressed at 5:45 AM and leave at 6:05 AM. He would fix me a bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal before he left and by the time I got downstairs, it was really soggy but my mother made me eat it. I didn’t have cereal again until I was in college
  39. Eric is my oldest friend as I’ve known him since first grade
  40. No one ever thinks I am as old as I actually am
  41. I have never been to a professional or college football game
  42. I can’t say that “I can’t cook” because I haven’t really tried
  43. I kinda suck at Guitar Hero-related games despite the fact that I own a number of them
  44. I don’t like having company because then no one knows how messy my apartment really is
  45. The only class I ever got an F in was Religion. My mother laughed when I showed her. Her response (paraphrased): “What’s there to fail: God. Jesus. Holy Spirit?”
  46. I can’t sing but this does fact does not keep me away from karaoke mics
  47. 8 times out of 10, I will arrive early to any party or gathering unless I’m coming from another party (which I probably arrived early to)
  48. I think the reason I eat and drink so fast was that was the only way to escape the dinner table and inquiries about homework (that I wasn’t doing) when I was growing up
  49. I can listen to sad music all day long
  50. Despite being an A/B+ student for my entire grade school life, it took me four and a half years to get Student of the Month at St. Brigid’s. When I asked why I hadn’t gotten it, a teacher told me I questioned my teachers too much during class
  51. My favorite video game of all time is Final Fantasy VII. I once spent 10-12 straight hours in college sitting in front of the TV playing that while my roommate/suitemates went out to class
  52. I used to have a huge crush on this girl in high school but she liked one of my best friends. I wanted him to ask her to the prom which he wouldn’t because I liked her. He wanted me to ask her which I didn’t because I knew she liked him. She ended up going to the prom with this d-bag who shared the limo with us making us both wish we had asked her
  53. I can’t function during the work day if I don’t have some sort of breakfast
  54. I try to eat dinner before 8 PM. I don’t know when that started
  55. I have little-to-no willpower when it comes to rejecting food (or booze)
  56. Open bars are my kryptonite
  57. I want to own or run a bar, lounge or diner. Not because I have any interest in any of these types of establishments. I just want to work at a place that I can listen (and make other people listen to) music I want to hear
  58. I think I spend at least $150 dollars on comic books a month
  59. If I spent as much money on clothes as I did DVDs and comics, I would be quite stylish
  60. I fooled around with Girlfriend #1 more after we broke up than when we were together
  61. As a child, I used to fluctuate between sleeping with the door open or close. The argument I made to myself was “Would I rather see whatever was coming down the hallway to get me or would I rather hear them open door and pretend to be asleep?” I think I settled on the latter
  62. When I went to see Monty Python’s Spamalot with some friends, imagine my surprise when i saw the girl who I went to NYU senior formal with and who ditched me for her friends afterwards on stage
  63. I drool in my sleep a little. A lot if I’m sick
  64. I never had an answer to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
  65. One day, two friends and I went on a shoplifting spree throughout Broadway Mall leaving with at least $200 worth of bounty
  66. I used to try and write hip-hop verses in high school. They were all laughably bad
  67. As much as I love them, no piece of art (TV, comics, movies, paintings, etc.) has ever changed my life
  68. I’m always afraid of missing the last step when I go down a long flight of stairs
  69. I get nervous when too many people pay attention to what I am doing
  70. I learned wrestling was fake a little later than I am willing to admit on this list
  71. 90% of my Facebook status messages are from books, movies or songs I just listened to at the time of posting
  72. I’m currently harboring 4-5 crushes. They range from “fleeting” to “mildly debilitating”
  73. The first R-rated movie I snuck into was Alien 3
  74. After I watched my brother’s tape of Private School, I started calling his friends “douchebag” whenever they called. I was probably 8 or 9 years old
  75. I’ve never come into a job drunk. Partially tipsy twice
  76. When I buy TV shows on DVD, it’s moreso to lend out to get additional people hooked on said TV show then for my own personal viewing pleasure
  77. Unless you bludgeon me over the head with it, I’m generally oblivious to people showing romantic interest in me
  78. I’m 5’9″
  79. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I started working here six years ago
  80. In college, my roommate, Pierre, and I watched The Tick on FOX Saturday morning cartoons religiously. No matter what we were doing or where we were, we were in front of the TV at 11 AM
  81. I’ve had a cell phone since I was 21
  82. I don’t use more than 25-35 talk minutes on my cell phone a month. When Lost or 24 is on, it goes up to an hour
  83. I used to hide the lunches my father made me that I didn’t want (he used to make me HAMBURGERS and put that in my lunch bag…WTF?) behind my bookcase. One day, I forgot and my mother found a rotten bag of food while she was cleaning my room
  84. The first time I puked as a toddler was in kindergarten. After eating one of those soggy bowls of cereal (#38), I got on the bus and the driver strapped us all in. I started to feel sick but couldn’t get free from seat beat. I puked all over myself. The bus driver was running late so let me ride the entire way covered in soggy Frosted Flakes vomit and cleaned me off when we got to school
  85. The first movies we got when my parents bought a VCR were Raiders of the Lost Ark and Purple Rain
  86. I learned how to dub movies when I was 12. I used to rent 3-4 movies a week from Blockbuster Video and make copies for my brother and his friends
  87. The last movie I saw at the Westbury Drive-In before they shut it down was There’s Something About Mary
  88. I’ve never been on a pre-relationship “date” (and by “date”, I mean asking a girl out to dinner or a movie with the intention of wooing her AND she knows it’s a date)
  89. My being single has more to do with my shyness than I lead people to believe
  90. My father used to academically compare me unfavorably to my classmates which made me want to try less
  91. I did better in the verbal section of my SAT and my GRE but both times my score was below 1,000. (I can’t remember the exact score for either)
  92. I have no problem having the same meal over and over again for lunch or dinner.
  93. I was in the General Studies Program for my freshman and sophomore years of NYU (for those of us who weren’t quite up the NYU standards)
  94. For many years of my grade school and high school years, I would never look at myself directly in the mirror for self-conscious-about-my appearance reasons. I would take off my glasses first or always look at myself from some sort of angle
  95. I prefer the right side of the bed
  96. I used to drink Welch’s grape soda all the time. Now I only drink Diet Coke or Coke Zero
  97. Anytime I do laundry on the weekend, 9 1/2 times out of 10, I will end up taking a nap for at least an hour. I can’t explain it
  98. I hate calling people in my office. I’d rather talk to them face to face. If that’s not possible, e-mail. The phone is a last resort
  99. It is understood amongst my family that at any holiday dinner (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.), I have first dibs on chicken and/or turkey legs. It has been tradition since I was a little kid
  100. I’m not that into big breasts

Now everyone knows 300 more things about me than I do about them…

Happy Birthday to me (on July 4th)!

* These aren’t really “facts” as much as tidbits or stories you didn’t know about me


4 thoughts on “Yet Another 100 Facts* About Sean

  1. I’m pre-ordering the book of Sean. Though, I buy TV shows and movies, not to re-watch or for other people, but just so that I feel whole: a little too much like Mel Gibson’s “Catcher in the Rye” fetish in Conspiracy Theory.

  2. It’s utterly fascinating to learn so much about someone whose blog you just casually read. I love these things.

    And happy early birthday, man.

  3. Holy Snazzbot. Most of those stuff on your list could easily been on mine haha especially 44, 59, 77, 89, 99 (oops). You’re sure we’re not related or something?

    However Melanin 2000…where they a group of 5%ers? If so, they were peoples of mine that used to perform at Nuyorican with.

    Small world…small world

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