Don’t let the cuteness fool you


So I offered to watch my friends’ kitten, Lennon*, while they went away on their honeymoon for two weeks.

Seemed simple enough.

Because she’s still sort of a kitten, I was too paranoid to just leave it to its own devices at night so I decided to stay at my friends’ apartment while I’m watching her.

The first night was fine aside from her desire to claw her way up my leg…while I’m wearing shorts.

The next morning though…

I fell asleep without closing the bedroom door and I was awoken at 4:30 AM to Lennon crawling all over my face and nibbling my fingers.

Tuesday morning, it was 3:50 AM.

If I close the door, she cries all morning and I’m not used to her enough to drown it out.

I should be careful what favors I promise to people.

* “Lennon” is named after my friend’s favorite footballer, Aaron Lennon, of the Tottenham Hotspurs.


One thought on “Don’t let the cuteness fool you

  1. Animals are fun. Lemme tell u about how Napoleon’s dog is the friendliest dog I have ever met. In the middle of the night, he climbed up on the couch and slept next to Eric. And was kind enough to let Eric use his neck as a footrest later on. Nice.

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