Lollapalooza ’08


Who I Saw: (click name for pictures)

Highlight: While Radiohead was performing “The Bends” and “Fake Plastic Trees,” fireworks went off in the background. It was kind of surreal especially considering it was my first time seeing them.

Lowlight: An hour before the Rage Against The Machine, a group of drunken fools tried to force their way to the front, crushing a bunch of us. My arms were essentially trapped at my sides and I couldn’t breathe. Once Rage started performing, it only got worse. I spent the first 20 minutes or so with my feet off the ground. I was either being leaned forward onto someone’s back or leaned back with my weight being held up whoever was behind me. At least three people were carried over my head from heat exhaustion and I know tons of others that we carried out on the other side. Zach had to stop the show several times to plead with the crowd to move back so the people in the very front wouldn’t be crushed to death.


3 thoughts on “Lollapalooza ’08

  1. Yeah when I saw Rage last year at Vegoose, the crowd went INSANE. But I was at the back (as I hate being stuck motionless, I feel for ya), and it was just WILD.

    Wish I coulda seen Radiohead though you lucky bastard.

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