All Points West Music Festival ’08

All Points West

Who I Saw: (click name to see photos)

Highlight: Seeing Sia live for the first time and right in front no less


I also got a video of her singing “Breathe Me.”

Lowlight: Before the Radiohead set, this group of people were SNORTING OXYCONTIN PILLS. One of them annoyed the living shit of me during most of the set by jumping into me, elbowing me in the eye and singing loudly and offbeat. I tried to elbow him in the ribs but of course, it meant nothing to him.

Another Lowlight: They had this stupid policy where you got a bracelet with five tabs. That was as many beers as you were allowed to have the entire day. Wait…it gets worse. You were only allowed to drink in these three “beer gardens” (they looked more like concentration camps for drunks) and couldn’t walk around with your beer.


One thought on “All Points West Music Festival ’08

  1. that song will forever be tied to the end of “six feet under” for me. i need to see that on OnDemand again…

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