The Beginning After the End

So I was walking through Harlem on the way to the subway and I don’t know what sparked the thought (most likely whatever song was playing on my iPhone at the time) but it crossed my mind that more than four years ago, I was looking at engagement rings.

I can’t imagine this current version of myself being married, getting engaged or even getting to the point of thinking, “Do I want to spend the rest of my life with this person?” (I can barely tolerate people for more than 2 hours).

But four years ago, I was that guy.

In retrospect, I wish I blogged more about being that guy. I did in the old version of this site (that was more in the early going/lovey-dovey shit) but I usually avoided it because she would read this blog and so I censored myself.

Now I would love to remember what it was like.

Oh well.


5 thoughts on “The Beginning After the End

  1. I had a dream the ex proposed to me. We were under water. It sorta freaked me out that I was happy about the proposal.

  2. I wish i had written a blog when I was in college…so i can remember all the hopes and dreams i had back then.

    I didn’t even keep a journal in college. SMH so i have a whole 4 years of my life undocumented.

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