Consolation Prizes #1: The Movies

I decided that instead of harping on how it sucks to be single, I’m going to highlight to beautiful things about being single.*  Now I’m not daft, I realize that most of these reasons are going to be variations of the same underlying theme, “no longer having to compromise”, but let me have my fun.

#1: The Movies

Enough can’t be said about never having to see a movie you don’t want to see.

Not to say there isn’t a movie I saw while coupled up that didn’t become one of my favorites of all-time, but the odds against that are pretty slim (and a chance I’m willing to take).

Sometimes, I go to a movie with a friend or a group of friends that I normally wouldn’t go to see but the difference is, I could easily say “No” and meet up with them after the movies.  End of story.

You try that with a girlfriend**.  You won’t get hit right away but it will definitely come up on a totally unrelated note during an argument to throw you completely off guard…

Her: “…and we never go to the movies I want to see. It’s always about you and what you want!”
Him: “Huh? What are you talking about?  I thought this was about me not picking up my dirty socks.”

* If/when I get a girlfriend/wife/semi-regular FB, I will read this list and laugh, cry and/or sigh
** Sorry, ladies. Some things on this list will apply to both sexes.  This is not one of them.  Guys will gladly go see The Dark Knight Returns by himself or with his friends and when you force him to so see Failure To Launch, he’ll go begrudgingly but it will never come up again.  Yes, you’ll gladly go see that with your friends but some women have more of a tendency to use going to a movie with her as one of the many mini-tests of your relationship.

One thought on “Consolation Prizes #1: The Movies

  1. wait wait wait

    so part of the relationship contract is making the ther person see a movie they have no desire to see?

    it’s a mini test?!

    who are these women!?

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