Consolation Prizes #2: Money

I decided that instead of harping on how it sucks to be single, I’m going to highlight to beautiful things about being single.*  Now I’m not daft, I realize that most of these reasons are going to be variations of the same underlying theme, “no longer having to compromise”, but let me have my fun.

#2: Money

Birthdays. Anniversaries. Valentine’s Day. Christmas. “I’m sorry” gifts. “Just Because I Love You” gifts.**

That shit adds up.

How are you supposed to treat yourself?

Sure, you lose out on presents as well but think of all the presents you can buy for the one who loves you the most. The one who knows what you really want for your birthday or Christmas. The ont who doesn’t think it’s stupid for you to have a 50″ flat screen TV*** in your bedroom.

Namely, you.

* If/when I get a girlfriend/wife/semi-regular FB, I will read this list and laugh, cry and/or sigh
** Which are really preemptive “I’m Sorry” gifts
*** My television is only 47″ so this isn’t about me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Consolation Prizes #2: Money

  1. I don’t think it’s stupid to have a 50″ television.

    Back when I was about 13 and my cousin was 18 or so, I asked him, “Bobby, why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

    “I can’t afford one,” he replied.

    I was baffled.

    And then I started dating. It made a lot more sense then.

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