Halloween Dilemma

So Halloween is coming up again and I need a costume.

I don’t know why I bother looking at the Costume shops.  The only costume options are Blade, Mace Windu* or Morpheus from The Matrix**.  I know there are tons and tons of costumes out there but as far as characters who were originally black, they only have costumes for those two.  It’s worse for Black women. They only get Catwoman from the crappy Halle Berry movie.

My other options is to wear a mask or be the black version of a white guy,

“Look! It’s the black Jack Sparrow!”

“Look! It’s black Superman!”

Why isn’t there a costume for FroZone from The Incredibles…or Green Lantern John Stewart***…or Mr. Glass from Unbreakable?

Actually, all Samuel L. Jackson characters should be made into costumes.

I was thinking of being Jules from Pulp Fiction but i don’t want to spill beer or other things on a suit.

I just don’t know this year.

* Really it’s just a typical Jedi costume with a purple lightsaber
** The lamest one because all you get a a rubber coat. You’ve got to buy your own shirt, tie and pants
*** They do make this costume for children but not adults. WTF!

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