Top Five Dream Jobs

When I was growing up, I never really had a dream job.  I never wanted to be a fireman or an astronaut.

When I was asked in high school, what I wanted to be, I would either say “writer” (becaue I won an award for an essay I plagiarized wrote in 8th grade) or “psychologist” (because I was the guy who was stuck listening to everyone’s problems so I thought I might as well get paid for it).

Well, I’m not a writer (not very good at it and/or committed to it) and I’m not a psychologist (didn’t have/want the temperament for it).

I was thinking about High Fidelity (after reading this old interview) and in the movie (and book), Rob has a list of top five dream jobs would be “if qualifications, history, time, and salary were no object.” (here’s his list)

Twice this week, I’ve thought of occupations I would now consider a dream job as this stage in my life and decided to share

  1. Host of a Loveline-like Radio Show.  It allows me to do something I love – talking about love and relationships with people who think my opinion matters without needing the necessary qualifications or degrees to backup my wild assessments.
  2. Owner of a Bar. This actually has nothing to being interested in owning a bar or being a bartender.  I just want to be able to listen to music I want to hear all day.  Would also accept being the owner of a cool enough cafe that I could play Prince, Radiohead, Rilo Kiley and Badly Drawn Boy all day.
  3. Staff Writer for Saturday Night Live (1990-1994).  Namely the Phil Hartman years.
  4. Music Supervisor for Grey’s Anatomy or Any Drama on The CW.  Nothing is better than finding the right song for a particular dramatic moment in life.  Actually, there is.  Getting paid for it.
  5. Comic Book Shop Owner. This used to be “Video Store Owner” but who goes to a Mom and Pop video store anymore.  Being surrounded by a medium I love all day.  I would probably get fat and bitter and turn into Comic Book Guy in five years but those five years would be great.

Looking at the list, aside from the SNL gig, nothing too crazy or unreasonable. Right?


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