Bizarro Sean

For awhile, I’ve been receiving e-mail intended for “seancampbell” [at]gmaildotcom (mine is sean.campbell).  At first, I thought it was spam but lately they’ve been coming more frequently and they’ve been directed specifically to this Bizzaro Sean.  I even got an Evite to Thanksgiving dinner. I have no way to contact this Bizzaro Sean and Google has been no help in resolving the problem.

Yesterday things got even weirder when someone gchatted me looking for Bizarro Sean:

Stranger: hey man, just got your save the date
Me: ?
Stranger: you’re getting married in january
you sent me a save the date or sent my parents one
Me:: um no. I think you have the wrong contact
Stranger: are you not sean campbell? who went to oxford with me?
Me: nope
Stranger: ha
Me: he’s seancampbell[at]gmaildotcom
Stranger: sorry about that
Me: i’m sean.campbell
Stranger: there’s a difference?
Me: apparently
Stranger: i didn’t think the period made a difference.  hmm
Me: I still get some of his e-mail it’s weird
Stranger: well good luck finding the right person
i guess your counterpart already has
Me: thanks. haha

So Bizzaro Sean went to Oxford AND is getting married in three months?

Shit.  I’m even falling behind in alternate realities.


3 thoughts on “Bizarro Sean

  1. i’m confused. you can’t just email seancampbell[at]gmaildotcom? and if the stranger was invited to his wedding why doesn’t he know alternative ways to get in contact with him? this doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Back in HS and college, there was a chick on AOL named DeePhunked (note the “ed” at the end). I’d get all kind of wrong emails and random IMs. So much to the point where I contacted her just to share the story. Her name was Danielle. We ended up becoming kinda cool via AIM after we bonded over my story and we ALMOST met up in person just for the hell of it. But it never happened. Dunno what has happened to her since. All I knew is she lived in Jersey.

    Basically what I am saying is u shoulda contacted Bizzaro Sean by now. Maybe he woulda invited u to the wedding for your troubles. Woulda made a cool story to tell the chicks @ the reception.

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